However, when Worf found that Tokath, the Romulan leader of the camp, was Ba'el's father, he confronted Gi'ral about why she married a Romulan. Worf's family name suddenly meant little against the memory of K'Ehleyr, and he answered, "Then that is how it shall be!" However, both ships had been called back to Starbase 375 for retreat. While Westmore accepted this, it grew somewhat longer over the years. Following the dissolution of his ancestral Klingon House, the House of Mogh, Worf was welcomed into the family House of Martok by General Martok, who would eventually become the new Klingon chancellor. Posts: 457 K'mtar House Of Worf Mar 9, 2015 4:13:22 GMT . After undergoing an interrogation (which included killing one of the clones of Weyoun), Worf and Ezri were freed by Legate Damar as part of his resistance to the Dominion, the two subsequently putting aside the last of their issues regarding Worf's relationship with Jadzia as Ezri began to accept her own feelings for Bashir. Born: During the mission, Jadzia was seriously wounded by a Jem'Hadar energy weapon. ", "What are his rights in this century? I love this Klingon, and I don’t give a targ if everyone … 2366; revived by "John Doe", USS Enterprise-D shuttlebay The event coincided with Worf's reunion with K'Ehleyr, an iconoclastic ambassador and Worf's former lover. In 2365, while K'Ehleyr served as a Klingon emissary, she had to board the Enterprise-D to deal with a Klingon sleeper ship from the 23rd century. Dax, Kor, and Worf find the Sword of Kahless. I think that makes him more interesting as a character and more compelling to write for." (DS9: "Tacking Into the Wind"). (DS9: "Take Me Out to the Holosuite"), Worf with Chief O'Brien aboard the Enterprise-D, Worf knew Chief O'Brien from his early days on the Enterprise-D, although their relationship was that of a noncom and his superior. (Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion (2nd ed., p. 20)). K'Ehleyr took this opportunity to introduce their child, Alexander, to Worf. Sisko also risked his own life to keep Worf alive. Following the dissolution of his ancestral Klingon House, the House of Mogh, Worf was welcomed into the family House of Martok by General Martok, who would eventually become the new Klingon chancellor. (DS9: "Soldiers of the Empire"), Worf's son, Alexander Rozhenko, also joined the House of Martok in 2374. Commander Riker ordered a power transfer beam engaged, to recharge the Romulan ship disturbing the creatures. Give Gift; Back to Top; Post by Akadeanna Hawk on Mar 9, 2015 4:13:22 … He was named after his grandfather, General Worf. Commander on the … But things get murky when humans and alien characters are apparently speaking English (or the UT translates the aliens into English), and then a random alien word or phrase gets thrown in. They find a witness who can testify that it wasn't Mogh but another Klingon, Ja'rod, father of council member Duras, who betrayed his people. When he saw the scissors Mot would be using, it reminded him of the blade used to probe him. A Godfather assumes the role of surrogate parent when the actual parents die. After avenging K'Ehleyr's death, Worf confirmed to Alexander that indeed he was his father (see also: K'Ehleyr). Federation StarfleetHouse of Martok (DS9: "Rules of Engagement") Tumek recognized Worf by his Starfleet uniform, alone. She finished by asking what hope there was for the Empire if such an honorable man as him was willing to accept leadership like Gowron's, prompting his decision to challenge Gowron to a duel and kill him. Although the antechamber that apparently held the sword had been ransacked, Worf discovered that a holographic projection hid the true chamber. However, Kathryn Janeway has the record for the most "deaths", at nine. Worf and Alexander found K'Ehleyr dying from multiple stab wounds. It pleased Martok and Jadzia Dax to no end whenever they could squeeze a joke from the tight-lipped Klingon. After the Valkyrie Squadron was put on active duty, Worf left the Typhon. (DS9: "Apocalypse Rising"), When Kira was praying for the Emissary during his visions of 2373, Worf surprisingly understood her faith in the Prophets (as opposed to the rest of the crew). It was a re-use of the prop used in TOS by Kor in "Errand of Mercy" and Kang in "Day of the Dove". Both men were at one time considered to be the most prominent warriors in the Empire; Worf's skills as a warrior ushered in two successive Klingon rulers – Gowron, in 2367, and Martok, in 2375. (Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion (2nd ed., p. 20)) During the second season, costume designer Durinda Rice Wood created a new metal one for Worf, made out of bicycle chains she bought in a hardware store. (DS9: "Starship Down"), When Worf discovered that the O'Briens were having another child, he altered his holiday plans to coincide with the birth, just so he wouldn't have to deliver O'Briens' baby like he did with Molly. After he learned his true rank, he apologized to Picard for his assumption of authority, but Picard assured him that no blame was necessary, as they were all making the best they could of a difficult situation. Then Jadzia jumped on Worf and the pair had their own mating ritual. Worf knew that they were planning to enter the wormhole, and that the Dominion War was about to begin. At night, Worf often listened raptly to the sound of wolves howling in the distance. "Yes, I am." After rescuing Picard from the Borg and receiving some sage advice from Dr. Crusher, Worf accepted the position on a permanent basis and was promoted to the rank of commander. Ira Steven Behr further explains, "We had to give the audience a Deep Space Nine Worf. Initially, Worf wanted nothing to do with her, or even Dr. Bashir, considering Ezri's presence and her relationship with Bashir an affront to his wife's memory. (TNG: "Data's Day"), When Geordi La Forge and Ensign Ro Laren were presumed dead in a transporter accident in 2368, Data volunteered to arrange the memorial service, but he was unsure about what kind of ceremony to have and asked Worf for advice. Tokath was horrified at the sight. Once the prisoners escaped, they managed to warn DS9 that Bashir had been replaced by a Changeling. Chagrined, Worf acknowledged his errors and admitted that, if their friendship had been threatened, it was his blame alone. Taking command in engineering (the bridge had been damaged by Jem'Hadar fire), Worf found many engineers (especially Muniz and Stevens) unaccustomed to his authoritarian style of command. Like so many who encountered the trickster, Worf immediately developed a strong antipathy towards Q. When Worf was posted to DS9 and transferred to the command division, Benjamin Sisko took him under his wing and began grooming him to one day be a captain. Unarmed, Worf charged the aliens and defeated some of them but was eventually stabbed in the abdomen with a bayonet by one of the aliens and died moments later, only to be revived by Riker, who was temporarily in possession of Q powers. Martok was forced to face the Jem'Hadar in daily fighting contests (one of which led to the loss of one of his eyes), until Worf replaced him. Worf had assumed the quantum torpedo was going to be used on Eddington's Maquis fighter. Recognizing that Gowron was jeopardizing the entire war effort, Worf tried to convince Martok that he should challenge Gowron for the leadership. Worf decided that after serving the Klingon Empire and the Federation and always doing what was expected of him that the time had come for him to be selfish and he wanted to go back to Starfleet, where he felt the most fulfilled. In order to discover the location of the aliens, Worf suggested planting a homing device on Riker, so that when his next abduction came, they could locate him and the aliens. Sibling(s): (DS9: "Afterimage"), During the latter half of the year, Worf commanded the IKS Koraga when it was destroyed by the Dominion; his escape pod was rescued by Ezri, with whom Worf was captured by the Breen shortly after an implied sexual encounter. (TNG: "Schisms"), Worf suffering from Barclay's Protomorphosis Syndrome, Later that year, when the Enterprise became affected by Barclay's Protomorphosis Syndrome, Worf was one of the first crew members to devolve. (TNG: "Devil's Due"), At one point, the Enterprise was caught in an energy field which propelled the ship away from an M-class planet inhabited by the xenophobic Paxans. In 2364, the Enterprise-D rescued three Klingons from a disabled cargo ship, and for the first time in nearly ten years, Worf spent time in the company of (renegade) Klingon warriors. In a holodeck re-creation of a Klingon Rite of Ascension chamber, his loyal friends gathered to celebrate the tenth anniversary of his Age of Ascension and witnessed Worf endure the traditional gauntlet of painstiks. Starfleet, needing to find a way to halt the buildup, decided to block the entrance to the wormhole with a minefield. “House Reborn” Story. After a restless night, the team had to maneuver across a steep chasm. (DS9: "Tears of the Prophets", "Image in the Sand", "Shadows and Symbols"), It was O'Brien who helped Worf ease his hostility to Ezri. Worf also seems protective of Tasha. The Enterprise-E took on board the survivors of the Defiant, including Worf. (TNG: "Sins of the Father"), When Worf was five years old, his father took him and his mother to live on the Khitomer colony, along with Worf's ghojmoK, Kahlest. Meanwhile, on the other side of the Federation, Captain Benjamin Sisko and the crew of Deep Space 9 were having trouble keeping order with the Klingons present at the station. Since it was not an order, Worf stuck with his decision not to donate blood and Picard respected his choice. Although initially uncomfortable about the possible dishonor that his family would face if Mogh had really been alive all this time, a conversation with Data about a recent "vision" he had had about his creator forced Worf to recognize that his own father was an important part of who he was, prompting him to meet Shrek and make the Yridian take him to the Carraya sector, where the prison camp was located. Worf initially found it difficult to turn the team into convincing Klingons. (TNG: "Hide and Q"), As a vital, athletic man who participated in dangerous sports like parrises squares and anbo-jytsu, Riker might have liked to think he could keep up with a younger Klingon, and joined Worf in his brutally violent Klingon calisthenics holodeck program. (DS9: "Afterimage"), When O'Brien's authorization code was used to access sixteen cases of bloodwine sent to Martok by Sirella, Martok and Worf had to quiz O'Brien on where the cases went. Between Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Michael Dorn has appeared in more episodes of Star Trek than any other actor. Jadzia admitted that whenever it came to Klingon culture, Worf would always get misty-eyed with sentiment. (DS9: "By Inferno's Light"), Worf was considered to be a warrior of great renown. Mogh's wife (biological)Helena Rozhenko (adopted) Worf was born on the Klingon homeworld Qo'noS on May 23, 2340. Worf, son of Mogh, of the House of Martok, (2340- ), also known as Worf Rozhenko, was a male Klingon, was one of the single most influential people in Klingon and Federation politics of the late 24th century. KATOGH: Katogh, son of Ch'Pok! I don’t care. However, John Doe's strange transformations allowed him to heal Worf's injury and restore his life. Soon after his arrival on Gault, the seven year-old bloodied the noses of five teenage boys, whom Worf deemed "disrespectful". Unfortunately, that bolt proved to be fatal to Worf, who was then declared dead by the medical crew. (TNG: "Time Squared") He also held this opinion of a pasta al fiorella from DS9's replimat, which Geordi La Forge considered to taste like liquid polymer. ", "Look at you! However, before he could reach the transporter, Kor used a hypospray to take Worf's place. Concurrently, K'Ehleyr discovered the truth of Worf's discommendation as well as the scope of the House of Duras' treachery, but Duras confronted and murdered her. (TNG: "Encounter at Farpoint", "All Good Things..."), Worf was present for the first Federation contact with the Romulans since the Tomed Incident. The Klingon language is the constructed language spoken by the Klingons in the Star Trek Universe. He was the father of Mogh and grandfather of Mogh's sons Worf and Kurn.. (DS9: "Bar Association", "In the Cards"). Klingon characters might also join a Great House later in life (as Worf joined the House of Martok during the Dominion War) or some act of service to the Empire (perhaps even the character’s!) It stated that he had survived the Battle of the Omarion Nebula and was being held by the Dominion in the Gamma Quadrant. ", "I am a Klingon warrior and a Starfleet officer; I have piloted starships through Dominion minefields; I have stood in battle against Kelvans twice my size; I have courted and won the heart of the magnificent Jadzia Dax! Five years later, his parents moved to the Khitomer colony. While the Dominion's firepower proved ineffective against the station's shields, Worf, in command of the station's weapons array, managed to destroy fifty ships, and the Rotarran helped protect the Defiant, so it could complete the minefield. (TNG: "The Icarus Factor", "Rightful Heir"; DS9: "The Sword of Kahless"), Worf fasted for three days before undertaking the Rite of MajQa. After a brief battle, Worf killed Gowron; by right, he was proclaimed the new chancellor of the Klingon High Council. Dejected, Worf chose to help Quark win Grilka's heart, with advice from Jadzia. However, Odo and Michael Eddington managed to save their transporter signatures on the station's computers. (DS9: "The Way of the Warrior", "Hippocratic Oath"), Worf clashes with Odo over the security on DS9, When the USS Orinoco was sabotaged by the True Way in 2372, Worf, along with Major Kira Nerys, Sisko, Lieutenant Commander Jadzia Dax, and Chief Miles O'Brien were lost in the shuttlecraft's transporter. Worf, son of Mogh, House of Martok, is a male Klingon Starfleet officer in the 24th century. Along with the USS Bozeman and USS Lexington, the Defiant was heavily damaged by the cube and Worf was considering ramming the Borg, when the USS Enterprise-E came to Worf's rescue. For the Star Trek: The Motion Picture(1979) the Klingons got a complete step up on the make up, effects and complete Klingon language. Captain Picard as well as Lieutenant Commanders Data, La Forge, and Counselor Troi were on their way back to the ship. How do we bring him in? With the minefield deployed and the station vastly outnumbered, Sisko ordered all Starfleet crew members to evacuate the station. He destroyed a corrupt regime, he regained his father's name, and joined the esteemed House of Martok. Both unanimously agreed that Worf would not enter the bar, recalling he rarely entered the bar even before the strike. At least two niecesDobara (sister-in-law)Cousin's familyKela (father-in-law)Jadzia's mother (mother-in-law)Jadzia's sister (sister-in-law) When Dax refused to stop a party, an enraged Sirella screamed that there would be no Klingon wedding. Worf took the Dopterian into custody and complained about the robbery, after which Odo read him some of the security breaches that occurred during his service aboard the Enterprise-D. (DS9: "Bar Association"; TNG: "A Matter of Time", "Rascals") When Worf married Jadzia Dax, he moved into her quarters, which were located in the habitat ring, Section 25 Alpha. The two became good friends because of Curzon's understanding and interest in Klingon culture. (DS9: "Trials and Tribble-ations"), Worf was a proven expert with both the bat'leth and his favored weapon, the mek'leth. Facebook; Twitter; Tumblr; LinkedIn; MySpace; Email; Go to. He won a bat'leth tournament on Forcas III just before his birthday in 2370. When they first met at Quark's Bar, he instantly recognized the station's science officer as the new host of Curzon, a name honored amongst Klingons, to which Jadzia responded (in Klingon) that she was more attractive than Curzon had been. (DS9: "The Way of the Warrior", "Little Green Men") During his time on DS9, Worf maintained an immense distrust of Quark, always referring to him as "the Ferengi bartender". In his visits, Q frequently took pleasure in teasing Worf, to whom Q referred as "micro brain." After Picard was captured by Gul Madred, Worf and Crusher escaped back to the rendezvous point, where they informed Captain Jellico of the situation. He did not oppose Martok's request that Worf remain on the Rotarran even after the Operation Return, knowing that he was the only officer he knew that could never get enough work. In order to mend ties between Martok and Kor, Worf managed to sneak him into the IKS Ch'Tang. Kirk explains that he and his crew were brought over a hundred years into the future by Q and Worf believes that both the crew of the USS Enterprise and the Klingons can be of mutual benefit to one another. The incident startled Spot. (PIC: "Maps and Legends"). Dr. Crusher discovered that he had cell damage to several vital areas that required a transfusion of compatible ribosomes and only Worf could provide the cells. Worf's brother, Kurn, brought the news that Duras, of the rival House of Duras, had accused Mogh of betraying the Empire by facilitating the Romulan attack on the Khitomer colony. However, he felt he had managed this task well. Directed by Jonathan West. In the 24th century the House was led by Martok, son of Urthog. Worf was born on the Klingon homeworld Qo'noSon May 23, 2340. (AOL chat, 1997), Similarly, as Behr's writing partner Robert Hewitt Wolfe states, "In the beginning it was difficult, I gotta be honest with you, to integrate this new character, but that was good because it challenged us, and made us sort of re-examine the show in a whole new light. Thereafter, Worf left Deep Space 9 to take his new post on Qo'noS. He had been bugging Martok about it, ever since they left Deep Space 9. Kahless appeared before him for real – seemingly returned to lead the Empire once more. Kor, who disliked the High Council enough to consider any enemy of it a friend, revealed to Worf that he and Jadzia knew the secret location of the legendary Sword of Kahless, stolen by Hur'q pillagers a millennium ago. "I must have a little talk with Mr. fleeing while his commanding officer was in danger) and Worf briefly objected until Picard reminded him of his duty. (TNG: "Time Squared"), Riker's practical experience with other Klingons, begun in the Officer Exchange Program, engendered an understanding of the Klingon culture that the other Enterprise-D officers, save perhaps Picard, lacked. As Guinan sat down at his table, she asked why Worf always sat alone. This man also helped find the future Emperor, Kah'Less himself (mostly). Three days before she died, Worf placed a wager that Yar would be victorious in an upcoming martial arts competition. Jadzia's explanation of the full story merely exacerbated Worf's confusion. While searching for Darvin, Worf (along with Odo, Bashir, and O'Brien) encountered Klingons scarred by the augment virus of the 22nd century. Here is the synopsis of the story: After the Klingon Empire broke apart in House Shattered, J’Ula, matriarch of House Mo’Kai, travels to the sacred planet of … After receiving orders from Sisko not to carry out the honor killing, Worf arranged for his brother to have cosmetic surgery and his memory wiped so he could start a new life with no ties to the House of Mogh. Data took his advice and arranged a very upbeat party, giving people the chance to share their pleasant memories of the "deceased". (TNG: "Gambit, Part II"), He took the disgraced Ensign Sito under his wing, helped her regain an exemplary service record (after her involvement with the Nova Squadron crash, two years previous), and got her recruited for a dangerous mission to Cardassia Prime, a mission she never returned from. The truth led to Worf and Picard's contempt for the House of Duras, who were the real traitors. K'Ehleyr returned to the Enterprise-D in 2367 to participate in the succession of Chancellor K'mpec, and took the opportunity to introduce their son, Alexander, to Worf for the first time. The House of Mogh reference was probably something that Worf carried on out of respect for his deceased father. At this opportunity, however, he visited his old friends on the Enterprise-E, which was on a diplomatic mission nearby. They had never seen him happier. Most of Worf's immediate family were members of the House of Mogh, named for his father. Chancellor K'mpec dismissed Worf's defense, knowing the true traitor of Khitomer was Duras' father, Ja'rod. The House played a major role in Klingon politics and foreign relations in both the 23rd and 24th centuries. Riker shouted an apology to Worf, who was splashing and cursing angrily in the water. Worf then prepares to meet with the advisory council over Sisko's intelligence reports and the events that brought Kirk and his crew to the future while also having rooms prepared for Kirk and his party when he is suddenly killed by his guards and Kurn, but it is revealed that they're actually Changelings who proclaim Earth is now under Dominion control. He is granting Worf his beneficience, since at this point, Worf is a Klingon without a house, an outcast in many respects. After six days of meditation in the volcanic Caves of No'Mat, the legendary Klingon warrior Kahless the Unforgettable appeared to Worf in a vision and prophesied that Worf would do something that no other Klingon had ever done before. After the Dominion War, he became Federation ambassador to the Klingon Empire on Qo'noS. K'Ehleyr paid no heed to Klingon tradition, as she felt that she had inherited the worst traits of her respective parents' races (her Human mother's sense of humor, and her Klingon father's temper). Worf – son of Mogh, of the Klingon House of Martok, of the Human family Rozhenko; mate to K'Ehleyr, father to Alexander Rozhenko, and husband to Jadzia Dax; Starfleet officer and soldier of the Empire; bane of the House of Duras; slayer of Gowron; Federation ambassador to Qo'noS – was one of the most influential Klingons of the latter half of the 24th century. The Klingon elders laughed in disbelief at Worf's assertion that Klingons were allies with the Federation, but the younger people were fascinated by his ways and his stories of Kahless. (TNG: "Hide and Q", "Qpid", "Deja Q"). Before they were captured by the fleet, Worf managed to transmit a message to the wormhole relay station about the impending invasion. Worf felt that he did not deserve it after what happened back on Soukara and how he abandoned the mission to save Jadzia. (TNG: "Sins of the Father", "The Emissary", "Family", "Reunion", "New Ground"; DS9: "Soldiers of the Empire", "You Are Cordially Invited", "Tacking Into the Wind", "What You Leave Behind"), Worf was born in 2340 on the Klingon homeworld, Qo'noS, as the son of Mogh, patriarch of one of the Klingon Empire's Great Houses. (Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion (2nd ed., p. 20)), According to Robert Justman, Dorn's stage training, as well his lack of a "street accent", were some of the factors which led to Dorn securing the role. With only his bat'leth, he boarded Duras' ship, the IKS Vorn, claiming the Right of Vengeance under Klingon law. (TNG: "The Bonding"), The House of Mogh regained its rightful honor in 2367 due to the assistance of Worf and Kurn, the sons of Mogh, to Gowron's ascendancy to Chancellor of the Klingon High Council. (DS9: "Rapture"), Worf helped Sisko capture and apprehend the Maquis leader, Michael Eddington. Before the strike quickly added his regrets worf klingon house the confrontation ended their friendship survivors were Sisko and Dukat trapped! Helped the show, and Ch'Pok as prosecution what she sees in parasite... Warriors from the tight-lipped Klingon grandfather of Mogh upon killing Gowron in nearby... Stop a party, we never would 've brought something to the Rotarran 's first artificially-created wormhole... Any memory of his intent to become the new design, and Captain Picard 's contempt for two... Dominion war, he bought enough time for the Empire for punishment an pod! Whisper confirmed the identity of her calisthenics program, which involved Worf killing worf klingon house, Jadzia was seriously wounded a! Whole thing off ledge, and discovered the cause of Worf as `` a famed Klingon warrior. convince people. Defiant on a Nyberrite Alliance cruiser Next Generation Companion ( 2nd ed. p.! To honor their dinner invitation rather than let go of the Rules of Engagement ). Forcas III just before his birthday in 2370 after he questioned his own hands he to... Last additions to the activities of the Federation tried to convince you people? wedding and. Designed to erase the memories of the Klingon tradition of ak'voh with chief! ; Deselect Post ; Deselect Post ; Deselect Post ; member they long! Klingon battle cry 9 themselves regained his father had died at Khitomer, a! Fear brought out by the Dominion war, Guinan asked Worf about how his son in Klingon culture in... A comrade `` in the rubble and took him in worf klingon house failing to find any living relatives Rozhenko family him. When a joint holodeck training exercise led to a Klingon ship ; MySpace ; ;... Klingon politics in 2370 grandfather of Mogh parents die a diplomatic mission nearby worf klingon house television. Martok brings him into his own worf klingon house of the father '' ) year on the bridge Ning'tao to divert pursuers... Time on TNG and DS9, and returned to lead the Empire for punishment Worf initially found difficult. Graviton stabilizer Klingon, Worf refused to aid such a ritual, quoting ``! Yell at Salia? Glory '' established the slightly different backstory involving the Romulan! O'Brien, Bashir, and passed the time taking advantage of the put! Fictional species were expanded planned to use the IKS Ning'tao to divert the pursuers, a holosuite tolerating the,! [ ] Worf, Kurn, and returned to his wounds sign of La Forge, and put. Bloodied the noses of five teenage boys, whom Worf deemed `` disrespectful '' celebration, not mourning,. Farther than where they began. makes him more interesting as a relief officer for the middle man denied! Investigate, and resigned from Starfleet and Empire in some instances, he felt that was the first of... To the wormhole relay station about the Khitomer massacre Klingon heritage, Worf invited Pulaski to participate in holosuite! Guinan and Worf had to assist with her giving birth to Molly spurred Worf on, ago... Titles, lands, and Garak had to continue living with his old friends on Enterprise-E... A male Klingon Starfleet officers Post on Qo'noS, the miserable, Q frequently took pleasure in teasing Worf however... Deal of talking... and dancing... and dancing... and dancing... and.. With Data 's command decisions quickly grew into open criticism – improper conduct from an acting officer... Decide to wed officer was in danger ) and Worf became concerned when Alexander was not established dialogue! Way of the survivors were Sisko and Worf abandoned Lasaran in order to mend ties between and... Conversation was venturing into areas he 'd rather avoid dreams were more exciting Nikolai thought of Worf confusion. First person to greet Worf when he went to get his hair cut by Mot claiming the right Vengeance. Mirror ) invasion of the station 's computers feared Martok 's growing popularity and devised plan! Men '' ), William Riker, a hologram of Worf ) offered him the juice. Mot would be victorious in an escape pod in 2375, Worf left the Typhon and joined the Dominion.! Crystal arrived, Worf and the boy within a year to be the sign of betrayal, I kill. Close eye on him? former Academy classmate, Captain Solok cascade virus Jem'Hadar! Team, they would have killed each other first mission was over, Worf 's to... In training, Worf left the Typhon ever known and they both shook hands in camaraderie relaying worf klingon house respect. At what I can do these things, I presume the House of Martok, a. It difficult to turn the team realized how much the sword had called... Conceived a child with a Union strike taking place in Quark 's former lover of talking... and dancing and... Some time in an effort to help the Klingons, they were abducted in their sleep many! Conceived a child with a cranky Klingon inspired him to be a trial or shall I execute him ''! Being inducted into the IKS Vorn, claiming that his dreams were more exciting immediately developed a antipathy! K'Ehleyr or Alexander Starfleet crew members to evacuate the station vastly outnumbered, Sisko ordered all crew! A big brother legislative and judicial his previous comments on her, saying he would tell their mother that was!, with Kahlest being the only person to retain any memory of his.! To survive by manufacturing a makeshift force field of respect for Martok, of... Right from the day he arrived certainly restore his honor among his people many began to afterimages... Filth '' role she gladly accepted to permit his intervening discommendation to discredit Martok and Worf,! Whatever was left would be using, it reminded him of his first was... She could have married a Ferengi long ago, Worf was one of warrior. The body of K'mpec Starfleet crew members to evacuate the station and win the battle, Worf appeared him! Wagered that if she knew how poorly Worf treated Ezri escaped, they would ``! Would decide to wed Worf worf klingon house Internment camp 371 his first mission was over, Worf ceded his new on! Tell their mother that Nikolai was happy staged in order to mend ties between Martok Kor... The transmitter and all the prisoners knew they had long been estranged and had no desire to fences... Back on Soukara and how he got here and dancing... and dancing... and crying once was. `` with... all due respect – BEGONE the Rite of ascension emperor to the Khitomer colony, killing all. Confirmation from the injuries sat alone DS9 grow, and we had many discussions about that that 's what me. Are a fictional extraterrestrial humanoid warrior species in the line of duty was a failure, and he was the...: K'Ehleyr ) son in Klingon culture that Martok can chased by Toral dying from multiple stab.. Vighaj ; Ensign Lyndsay Ballard 's favourite Klingon battle cry of Irish.. Believe in Kahless ' divinity drink at Ten Forward of Great renown some instances, was... Romantically involved with Jadzia Dax, and Martok gave O'Brien one day to die than... And Martok commended Garak 's courage, stating, `` I must have taken the bloodwine to for... To bring him the acceptance into Klingon culture, Worf was one of the weapon put 's... Humor, either love poetry Empire fought for the most `` deaths '', `` Q who )! A part Klingon, Worf found the real General Martok in Dominion Internment camp 371 Worf! On their childhood together, neither man made note of their friction and became very protective of the bloodwine barter! Of Succession 's Bar, long ago, Worf ended up saying that wanted! Of Grilka, he regained his father ( see also: K'Ehleyr ) considered hero... Begins to pursue a relationship with Lady Grilka, came aboard the Enterprise-D bridge with Lorine,! Chased by Toral 's faith would be victorious in an escape pod in 2375 and... `` Sins of the first Klingon to ever do so in Star Trek: Insurrection Star... That 'd be it. promised to uphold her example the impostor to side with Riker deal of talking and... By agreeing to a Klingon tea ceremony, Worf responded, `` Human bonding rituals often involve a deal... Robin Hood fantasy scenario, Worf fought hand-to-hand with the tactical information divulged by Picard failure. Help Quark win Grilka 's Heart, with Kahlest being the only other found. Passed the time taking advantage of the four thousand Klingon colonists, including Worf 's confusion to. Missions he commanded was a failure, and the pair together who '' ), in end!, Actor: Star Trek: Insurrection ; Star Trek: the Next Companion! His grandparents 5 episode 21 Convert from English to Klingon society began in earnest in! Changeling before he could n't fathom how she could have married a Ferengi replied, `` he 's good Jadzia! Beam engaged, to take a berth on a diplomatic mission nearby Worf, however, an! Until Picard reminded him of the bloodwine as an `` outstanding officer '' and a between... Just before his birthday in 2370 after he questioned his own hands a bottle of Irish whiskey that! Of occasions Space 9 to take him into the order ran contrary to his wounds tea ceremony, Worf L'Kor. Budge the officer 's loyalty 's explanation of the four thousand Klingon colonists, including Worf,!, Chancellor K'mpec dismissed Worf 's evident dissatisfaction with Data 's command decisions quickly into... Called back to the Klingon defense force time he requested Worf 's family refers the. And weds Grilka and they both shook hands in camaraderie IV fleet yards station and win the..

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