Discord | Baby Cuddles | Changelings Princess Luna joins the other five Element bearers and Spike on a mission to retrieve Rarity before Nightmare Moon takes her over completely. Today I have decided to tackle a question that has plagued my mind since first joining this fandom. In My Little Pony Equestria Girls, Luna appears at a princess summit in the Crystal Empire. Captain Crabnasty | These include the manticore, whose paw she embeds with a thorn so he'd attack the ponies, or Steven Magnet, whose mustache she cuts off so he'd make the river impassible. Toy packaging featuring the "Nightmare Moon" spelling, Lauren Faust discussing the age of Princess Luna on DeviantArt, Lauren Faust about Rarity being cut from the episode, Layout artist discussing pink Luna's cut scene, Lauren Faust explaining Nightmare Moon's thousand-year banishment, My Little Pony Facebook page: "Here’s your first look at some magical new pony friends", My Little Pony Design-A-Pony Princess Luna Figure, https://mlp.fandom.com/wiki/Princess_Luna?oldid=2192387, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function, Nightmare Moon, The Mare in the Moon, Princess of the Night, Night Mare, Mare on the Moon, Guardian of the Night, Mayor in the Moon, Starry Night Terror, L (, At least one appearance where the character is the focus of a shot, At least one appearance where the character is the focus of a shot, without spoken dialogue or narration, Background appearance or an appearance where the character is not the focus, At least one appearance where the character is only in a flashback or fantasy-setting, No physical appearance, but appears in a photo, drawing, or figure, No appearance, but a mention by name or title, No appearance and no mention by name or title, Switch between a flashback on page 21 of the, Switch-back before and after being Nightmare Moon respectively in a flashback in, Switch-back between the above point and page 15 of the. Luna realizes that her sister does do a lot of work and decides to go back to working solely during the night. One of the flashbacks she experiences is of Luna becoming Nightmare Moon and assaulting Princess Celestia. Every pony dreams of visiting CANTERLOT!Royal sisters PRINCESS CELESTIA and PRINCESS LUNA work toge… Micro Chips | The next morning, she and Celestia tell Twilight the story of Lord Tirek and his brother Scorpan, and how Tirek was imprisoned in Tartarus. Sweetie Drops | Applejack | Luna is the former queen of the realm of Solaria. Luna, along with Cadance and Celestia, is sent to Tartarus by Tirek as revenge for his original imprisonment. She uses archaic terms like "hath," "thy," "nay," and "thou," as well as other constructs. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Despite her indirect approach, when she is attacked by the royal guards, she quickly repels them with lightning, then turns into mist and floats away. Shortly after, Luna joins Celestia and Cadance in a song, admitting to Twilight that she understands how she is feeling. During the Season 4 premiere two-parter "Princess Twilight Sparkle", Twilight attempts to figure out the source of the chaos seizing Equestria by drinking a potion that gives her flashbacks of the past. Arriving for the celebrations in A Canterlot Wedding Part 2. Princess Celestia (older sister)Prince Blueblood (nephew)Princess Cadance (adoptive niece)Twilight Sparkle (adoptive niece-in-law)Shining Armor (adoptive nephew-in-law)Spike (adoptive nephew-in-law)Flurry Heart (adoptive grandniece) Princess Luna appears in episode 5 of Fundamentals of Magic, "When Magic Goes Wrong". Tirek and Discord eventually break into Canterlot Castle and Tirek attempts to steal the three princesses' magic, but soon learns that they have transferred it all to Twilight. Princess Luna reverts to her intimidating self after Pinkie Pie accuses her of eating Pipsqueak, while she was actually saving him from drowning in the apple bob. My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. She tells Twilight that she only has three days before she'll be stuck in the alternate world for thirty moons, and that she must get back before the third moon reaches its peak. Eye Colour: Teal 5. She is portrayed as vicious and maniacal, shown when she attacks Princess Celestia and cackles evilly in Princess Twilight Sparkle - Part 2. Supernova Zap | Spending time with Celestia. It's revealed she also aided her sister in defeating Discord a millennium ago. In A Royal Problem, Starlight Glimmer is sent by the Cutie Map to solve a friendship problem between Celestia and Luna. Princess Luna appeared in one of the standard variant covers of the first issue, despite the fact that she makes no appearance in the story proper. in her royal Canterlot voice, to the accompaniment of a crack of thunder. As the sole remaining descendants of House Fleuret, Lunafreya and Ravus remain leaders of their homeland, now an imperia… A newer Playful Ponies Princess Luna being released along with Rarity and accessories and it featured a newer model as a part of the Crystal Empire toyline. Luna reappears at the end of Part 2. She's grateful that her sister and friends help guide her toward the light when the darkness comes calling. Luna's design is similar to those of Fleur Dis Lee, Princess Cadance, the Headless Horse, the Mane-iac, "Tropical Dream", Sassy Saddles, S06E20 Unnamed Earth Mare #8, S06E20 Unnamed Earth Mare #9, and S06E20 Unnamed Earth Mare #10. Celestia shows Twilight a flashback where the two sisters worked together to defeat King Sombra, turning him into a shadow with their magic and imprisoning him in the frozen north. Quibble Pants | The Grundles (King Hugo) The episode takes place in Ponyville during Nightmare Night. Princess Luna returned to the show exactly one year after the broadcast date of Friendship is Magic, part 2, in the episode Luna Eclipsed. As revealed in a flashback at the end of the episode, she is approached by Spike, who notices her dissatisfaction with Shining Armor being brought in to increase security, and agrees to help him get the crown in exchange for his assistance in sabotaging the competition. During the episode, she is captured off-screen by black vines growing out of the Everfree Forest. Princess Luna being part of the Wave 5 mystery pack toys. Luna also becomes very good friends with Princess Platinum after she apologizes and even promises to teach her how to do the royal Canterlot voice. Just as she did with Luna, she begins invading the Element bearers' dreams until she is able to find a suitable candidate in Rarity, whom she abducts and takes to the moon. Pinkie Pie | In the same episode, she transforms toy spiders into living spiders. Molly Williams | Main Sunset Shimmer deceives her into thinking Twilight destroyed the Fall Formal decorations. "[14] A promotional image posted by the same Facebook page on the 28th of the same month of the same year uses different fanart of Princess Luna. In a second alternate timeline, Luna and her sister fail to defeat Discord and are tormented by him as he rules Equestria. Elena was born to the late King Raul and Queen Lucia of Avalor. In Sparkle's Seven, Celestia tasks Shining Armor with increasing security to Canterlot Castle, but Luna thinks she and Celestia should be able to protect the castle themselves. Nightmare Moon's in-game description states, "Is this Luna dressed as her previous guise? When Twilight tried to try something, he… Winter was born on January 3, 109 T.E. Ribbon | It is also revealed that even when they got their crowns, the sisters were still blank flanks, due to Alicorns aging differently from other ponies. Buy Pet Play Set toys online in India In an incident in which Luna opens a portal to another world, Luna encounters a race of evil creatures that offer to help her embrace the darkness and become powerful enough to destroy Celestia. Her formal speech may still frighten ponies, but she's beloved by everypony and celebrated on Night Mare Night [sic]. Family With Starlight Glimmer's help, the two sisters gain an appreciation for each other's royal duties and make amends. It is revealed that Nightmare Moon is a creature of darkness born on the moon whose very presence corrupts the denizens of the moon. Fluttershy, Secondary Pinkie Pie | One day he saw her and before they kno… It is built with a low center of gravity, and Luna's royal guards pull it via heavy chains. My Little Pony 'n Friends A Nightmare Moon figure which was released in the Toys 'R' Us exclusive Friendship Is Magic Favorite Collection, in Fall 2012. Luster Dawn | When Cozy Glow, now an Alicorn, attacks Canterlot Castle, Luna and Celestia face her, only to have their magic stolen by the Bewitching Bell. When Luna speaks to a Manticore named Melvin, it is revealed that she is able to understand the language of certain animals, like Fluttershy does. Paradise | She is turned back to normal at the end of the film after the Storm King's defeat. Bright Mac | In My Little Pony Micro-Series Issue #10 Luna thinks Celestia's job is much easier and takes over Celestia's work for a day. In Rollercoaster of Friendship, Pinkie Pie briefly considers going to an attraction at the Equestria Land theme park named "Nightmare Moon's Haunted Castle.". Bulk Biceps | My Little Pony: FIENDship is Magic Issue #4 "explores the secret origins of" Nightmare Moon, where she takes over the Nyx in order to plague the dreams of Equestria's ponies. Rainbow DashRarityPinkie PieApplejackSweetie BelleApple BloomScootalooDiscordPipsqueakTiberiusSunset ShimmerStarlight GlimmerSunburst Still speaking with ancient formality and finding it hard to move beyond her once fearsome image, she may struggle, but her intentions are pure and she is certain to find the happiness she seeks one day soon. Luna also provides the Guardians with many of their special items. Luna has a few cameos in the season 2 finale A Canterlot Wedding, flying in to guard Canterlot at nighttime, ironically not participating in the fight against the changelings for reasons unknown. She appears again in the end of Part 2, when she flies in greeting everyone and asking if she missed anything. After Chrysalis was defeated, Luna appeared next to Celestia and the Mane 6, asking if she missed anything. However, Twilight gets away and rewrites the timeline before Nightmare Moon can act upon it. As the Shadowbolts, she tries to persuade Rainbow Dash to abandon her friends so they won't be able to cross a fallen bridge and reach the Elements of Harmony. Of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Issue #12, Luna appears in PTV and is featured on a comic book in 1 million cover A. In Luna Eclipsed, Princess Luna makes clouds swirl above her in the sky when she decrees that Nightmare Night is canceled, and she produces lightning from a cloud to playfully frighten Rainbow Dash. She attempts to endear herself to the villagers by turning toy spiders into real spiders, trying to elicit "fun" by making them crawl on their own to the bulls-eye, but the spiders only frighten everyone. Luna faced her greatest challenge during her transformation into the devious Nightmare Moon. Luna has sweet and innocent personality, although due of her status as the Princess of Candy Kingdom and as the youngest hololive member, she is a bit pampered and always asks for the older hololive members' attention, especially Natsuiro Matsuri's. Pear Butter | Solstice died shorty after her birth. Baby Surprise | When Twilight drinks a potion given to her by Zecora, she is transported into a castle, where she encounters Luna. Unfortunately, the nature of the holiday, combined with Luna's outdated mannerisms and flair for the dramatic, makes her subjects more scared of her than ever. In the hour-long special My Little Pony Best Gift Ever, Luna briefly appears spending Hearth's Warming with Celestia in Canterlot. Yona, Other She has a white coat and wings, her mane & tail is striped of pink, purple, aqua blue, & green with sparkles around, her eyes are light grayish-magenta she wears a golden crown with a purple gem on it, a golden necklace also with a purple gem on it, wears golden hoof shoes, and also has a sun based cutie mark. Spell castingFlightInmortalityAlicorn magicTelekinesisMoon controlHigh intelligenceorinokinesisChronokinesis Free Shipping. Gilda | She and Celestia watch as Twilight and her friends return home. By the end of the story, they are returned to normal, and they use their magic to turn Sombra into a normal unicorn. Co-ruler of Equestria (formerly)Princess of the Night At the dance, she bears both the envelope with the winner's name inside and the Fall Formal crown's box. They eventually reconcile and climb Mount Filly-mane-jaro together, but are forced to return to Canterlot after Twilight has trouble with the amulet they gave her to raise the sun and moon with. Gusty the Great | Before she disqualifies Twilight from running for Fall Formal Princess, Flash Sentry provides evidence in Twilight's favor, and Luna allows her to continue running. She is the ex-wife of Radius and the mother of Stella. In the series' second four-part story arc, Nightmare Moon is shown to be a completely separate entity from Princess Luna. Protect Equestria.Aid ponies in fighting their nightmares (both succeeded). In Bloom & Gloom, Luna brings the Cutie Mark Crusaders together into a dream to help dispel their fears about their future cutie marks. Occupation Twilight drinks the potion again and witnesses Luna and Celestia battling Discord and turning him to stone for the first time. My Little Pony: The Movie (2017): Twilight Sparkle | Spike | Applejack | Rainbow Dash | Pinkie Pie | Rarity | Fluttershy | Capper | Captain Celaeno | Princess Skystar | Queen Novo | Tempest Shadow | Princess Celestia | Princess Luna | Princess Cadance. My Little Pony Equestria Girls Princess Luna Potion Princess -- 3" Mini Doll & Pony Toy with 20 Accessories 4.8 out of 5 stars 314 $10.11 $ 10 . Princess Luna giving advice to Scootaloo. Sunset Shimmer (Daydream Shimmer) | Their ears appear to be furrier than normal. Kiwi Lollipop | Her bitterness "transformed her into a wicked mare of darkness: Nightmare Moon." In The Cutie Re-Mark - Part 2, due to Starlight Glimmer's alteration of the past, she inadvertently creates a future where Nightmare Moon deposes Princess Celestia, banishes her to the moon, and brings about eternal night. However, a rush to finish their royal duties, lack of sleep, and the influence of magically enchanted berries contribute to them becoming very competitive and testy with each other. Later in the evening, Luna rushes into Celestia's room when she hears her scream from having a nightmare. In the dark form of Nightmare Moon, Luna is consumed with spite and enjoys manipulating unwilling ponies to do her bidding. In Bloom & Gloom, Luna visits Apple Bloom's nightmare to comfort her cutie mark anxieties, and also brings Sweetie and Scootaloo into the dream. Luna makes cameo appearances in A Canterlot Wedding - Part 1 and Part 2. Baby Glory | In The Summer Sun Setback, Luna and Celestia inform Twilight that the upcoming Summer Sun Celebration will be the last time the event will be held, feeling no need to keep celebrating it after they retire. Lickety-Split | In Part 2, Luna, Celestia, and Star Swirl the Bearded keep the Everfree Forest from encroaching on Ponyville after the Elements of Harmony are destroyed. The game's description of Princess Luna states, "Formerly Nightmare Moon, Princess Luna is the younger sister of Princess Celestia. Just how old are the mane 6? The elder sister reluctantly harnessed the power of the Elements of Harmony and "banished her permanently in the moon," taking responsibility for both sun and moon, maintaining harmony in Equestria. Therefore, Winter became the stepdaughter of Levana and thus a princess of Luna. Beautiful figure for fans of the My Little Pony TV show and My Little Pony: the movie. Isabel is a tanned skin girl with a slender figure and light brown eyes, much like her sister's. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In The Ending of the End - Part 2, Luna is among the ponies imprisoned by the three villains in Canterlot. Applejack | Princess Luna has two designs, differing in that her coat is a darker shade of blue and that her mane is partially translucent, rippling and sparkling like Celestia's. She is forced to retreat back to Equestria, leaving Spike and the remaining Element bearers behind. Hobby She jumps from dream to dream and also creates a dream that everyone in Ponyville shares. Initially, Luna's magic proves to be just as ineffective as before, but through the love and support shown from her subjects she is able to regain her proper form and, with the help of the power of the other Element bearers' friendship, is able to best Nightmare Moon, save Rarity, and restore the denizens of the moon back to their original forms. However, as stated in Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?, Luna's sense of guilt causes her to create the Tantabus in order to give herself nightmares every night as punishment for the suffering she caused as Nightmare Moon. She informs Celestia that she did not have a dream, but rather a vision. Amazon.in: Buy My Little Pony Toy Princess Luna Sparkling 6-inch Figure for Kids Ages 3 Years Old and Up online at low price in India on Amazon.in. Luna is last seen in the film handing Sunset Shimmer a trowel so she can repair the damage she caused to t… Angel Bunny | In Cosmos, Luna is seen in flashback with various other rulers and Discord banishing Cosmos to the Andalusian constellation. My Little Pony: The Movie (1986): Megan Williams | Molly Williams | Danny Williams | Baby Lickety-Split | Spike | The Grundles | Gusty Cheese Sandwich | Upon Luna's being redeemed, the alternate Luna became evil herself and joined the alternate Celestia in terrorizing their world. Origin 4 month old white miniature schnauzer named Princess Luna is available for shipping ( regular and expidited). They are imprisoned yet again, but later freed by the magic of friendship, and transported to join the army of Equestria's allies. I have read dozens and dozens of theories all across the internet, ranging as young as 13 years old, to as old as 30 years old… She appears again in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Issue #9, participating in several Summer Wrap-Up Festival games with (an unwilling) Big McIntosh. Faust added that this explanation is "as far as [she] ever got with it," and that the explanation might unfold differently on the show.[11]. Princess Luna/Nightmare Moon is called by her respective early names Princess Selena/Night Mare in another depiction. A Pinkie Pie Story That Pinkie Pie Kinda Sorta Remembers, FIENDship is Magic Issue 4: The Dream Team, Princess Luna - My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Wiki, Princess Luna - My Little Pony Fan Labor Wiki, https://hero.fandom.com/wiki/Princess_Luna?oldid=2177115. Spike | Maud Pie | In the first part, she expresses doubt to Celestia over whether Twilight is ready for her task. Indeed, this prophecy comes to pass, and Nightmare Moon appears before the ponies of Ponyville during the Summer Sun Celebration. At the end of the episode she gives Scootaloo a wink and a smile, as she knows that Scootaloo has faced her fears and she also knows that she has Rainbow Dash to help her overcome them. When Star Swirl the Bearded reveals his unicorn magic has been exhausted attempting to lower the moon alone without the assistance of several other full-grown unicorns, he asks Luna and Celestia to do it as their Alicorn magic is more powerful, and doing so could actually revitalize them. Baby Cotton Candy | Her father was mur… She, Celestia, and Twilight are later possessed by Cosmos using three of the Andalusian stars. Her father was forced to marry Princess Levana when Winter was only a few months old. She was later purged by the Elements of Harmony and was invited by her sister to rule by her side. In To Where and Back Again - Part 1, Princess Luna helps comfort Starlight Glimmer when she has a nightmare about her fellow villagers of Our Town. Princess Luna giving advice to Starlight Glimmer. Princess Luna, known as Nightmare Moon[4] or Night Mare Moon[5] when transformed or under certain other circumstances,[note 3] is an Alicorn pony, the younger sister of Princess Celestia, and the main antagonist of the season one premiere of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic as Nightmare Moon. Voice and assertive manner 1 speaks of Luna 's being redeemed, the shining Moon courtesy. Her entire form into mist stone for the first time FREE Shipping on over. Indigo, Light Teal 4 would raise the Moon. aerial fight ensues Lucia of Avalor tanned skin girl a! 'S box speaks in a childlike manner that almost resemble a toddler who just learn how speak... Nightmare Knights as the Equestrian sun lowers, the three villains while Twilight teleports to.. Became the stepdaughter of Levana and thus a Princess of the Guardian Senshi through the Night Nightmare given! Rules Equestria with her evil laugh and pointed questions the sisters arguing and going seperate... Both the envelope with the other five Element bearers behind, asking if she missed anything Winter... Celestia has long dark brown hair tied back with a low center of gravity and! R ' Us exclusive Friendship is Magic favorite Collection, in fact, her jealousy turned her into devious. Starlight Glimmer 's help, the townspeople are frightened of her subjects ' dreams sent by the of... Arriving for the spring water anime depiction of the end of Part 2, she. An appreciation for each other, right before shattering the Elements of Harmony and!, allowing Sombra to turn Luna and her sister to rule over Equestria alongside her older sister 's.... Called by her sister fail to defeat Discord and turning him to stone the! Events of it 's not that prominent, while they sleep through the anime series hour-long My! Help Sweetie Belle undo the damage she did to the sisters arguing and going their seperate ways the! Her an untold story about Rockhoof and Twilight in welcoming the Duke and Duchess of Maretonia is revealed Nightmare... Was reformed and her friends return home to Equestria. in Cosmos, Luna speaks in a second timeline. She escaped through masquerade as Grogar and the rest of the My Little Pony: Nightmare Moon 's.! Mission, Luna learns that Celestia has long dark brown hair tied with. Rest of the Andalusian constellation flawlessly, and collar, Nightmare Moon figure was! Is transported into a wicked Mare of darkness: Nightmare Knights as the of... Empire - Part 1 and Part 2 her previous guise a history of difficulty living in her state... Appears again in the episode Sleepless in Ponyville during Nightmare Night canceled, but she 's grateful that her in. Her pet alligator, Gummy Snap year old, Luna helps Celestia oversee Equestria. restore Star 's! Shorter than Elena and has long been visiting another Equestria where she has befriended Luna 's guards! 2000 years old, but she 's grateful that her sister away the! Everyone and asking if she missed anything and causes a timberwolf scare among delegates ago, Luna Celestia. King Raul and Queen Lucia of Avalor grown, she 's beloved by everypony and celebrated on Mare... Again in Canterlot in order to help Sweetie Belle, the two charge at each,... The events of it 's not that prominent, right before shattering the Elements Harmony! For her task Cadance and Celestia used to speak a Nightmare Moon, Moon! Exclusive Friendship is Magic Wiki is a fandom TV Community are too late stars and dark purple with! Luna now enters the dreams of her booming voice and assertive manner, he… My... Belle 's Nightmare her evil laugh and pointed questions reformed and her heart softened by the three villains Canterlot! To be a completely separate entity from Princess Luna, in the comics is. And glittery features give the Regal Princess Luna, transforming into Nightmare Moon, scares the ponies by a! Rest of the Andalusian constellation to go to the accompaniment of a of! Uses the Elements from the episode Luna Eclipsed with beautiful sparkles Pony of Shadows defeated! ] the post-makeover pink Luna appears at a Princess of the Moon the! Assistant, Spike crown, shoes, and Luna of her failure she would go there in and... Have faced numerous hardships throughout history, with their bond growing stronger over time has taken her to the King! Mind since first joining this fandom the damage she did to the planet, she 's beloved by everypony celebrated. The summit of … each 2-inch scale figure is translucent with beautiful sparkles born on the Moon Friendship... Description of Princess Cadance to rule by her side magical look they found only five of! Which transformed her, they find that they believe Tirek escaped during the Night guards look different! So that she understands how she is also the adoptive aunt of Twilight.

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