49:190], Between the primary guild members' seven-year disappearance and return from Sirius Island, the guild is temporarily reduced from over 100 members at the beginning of the series to fourteen.[ch. 115] Under the ownership of Blue Pegasus member Karen Lilica (カレン・リリカ, Karen Ririka), Loke remains in the human world on behalf of his fellow spirit Aries to protect her from Karen's abuse. 27] Yuka Suzuki (ユウカ・スズキ, Yūka Suzuki, also "Yûka"), a man with large eyebrows who produces magic-nullifying pulses from his hands;[ch. 189] He then reverses the portals' effects to return all of Earth-land's stolen magic, expecting to be sentenced to death for this by his childhood friend Panther Lily to quell the ensuing panic.[ch. [28] After Layla's death, Jude's relationship with Lucy becomes fractured, which eventually leads to Lucy running away from home.[ch. Lucy Heartfilia/Virgo; Lucy Heartfilia; Virgo (Fairy Tail) BDSM; Heartbroken!Lucy using her maid to make herself feel better; Was going to be hardcore but got kinda sweet; Virgo loves Lucy; Whips; ropes; Punishment (It's Virgo obviously it's punishment) Summary . 422], Happy (ハッピー, Happī) is a blue furred anthropomorphic cat who is Natsu Dragneel's best friend and only traveling companion at the start of the series.[ch. 52:185] describing their abilities as "cheating magic" that other authors would generally avoid using to preserve the framework of the story.[vol. She is married to Natsu Dragneel and has accomplished S-Class in Fairy Tail. The blonde in question had been mission for a few days, and it seemed as if her team didn't know, the first master of Fairy Tail asked some of the other members, like Laxus Dreyar, he too, noticed the absence and figured she was on a mission. Celestial spirits (星霊, seirei) are beings that are contracted by celestial wizards to be summoned using enchanted keys called "Gatekeys" to battle and performed other tasks. 260] Alzack uses guns that shoot magical bullets,[ch. 446] robotic alchemist Wall Eehto (ワール・イーヒト, Wāru Īhito, from warui hito (悪い人, lit. 24] Mashima has stated that the "S" stands for words such as "super", "special", or the Japanese phrase "Soreya yabai zo!!" 481], Mashima considered the Spriggan 12 to be the strongest characters in the series,[vol. 294, 296] Like Sting, Rogue can activate Dragon Force at will, and has false memories of killing his own dragon guardian, Skiadram (スキアドラム, Sukiadoramu). "Japanese grosbeak"), a woman who speaks in haiku and wields a katana capable of cutting through any material.[ch. 33] She also owns a giant rat named Angelica (アンジェリカ, Anjerika).[ch. 280] During the battle with Alvarez Empire, Kagura abandons her resentment for Jellal and rescues him from drowning.[ch. Lucy: The Diclonius Queen. 96] Reedus Jonah (リーダス・ジョナー, Rīdasu Jonā) is a man with a magically inflated body who can bring anything he draws to life.[ch. 180], The kingdom is ruled by King Faust (ファウスト, Fausuto), Mystogan's father,[ch. 4] and is often exasperated when her teammates inadvertently reduce their reward due to their destructive antics.[ch. 382] The guild's aim is to unseal E.N.D. 543] he transforms into an immortal black dragon as a side effect of his magic;[ch. 102] prompting Jellal to turn on his childhood friend Erza Scarlet and takes over the tower's construction.[ch. 241] She then takes on Lyon and Gray as her pupils in an effort to move on. After Jellal and Ultear disgrace the council by tricking them into using the superweapon Etherion to activate the Tower of Heaven,[ch. [citation needed], Natsu Dragneel (ナツ・ドラグニル, Natsu Doraguniru) is the main protagonist of the series. 24:172] he intentionally avoided providing any hints to his identity beforehand, wanting it to be a "complete surprise" to the readers.[vol. 415] To fulfill a vow to his Exceed friend Lector (レクター, Rekutā), Sting aims to defeat Natsu Dragneel and prove to others that he killed a dragon.[ch. 272] Flare Corona (フレア・コロナ, Furea Korona), a young woman with prehensile hair that can transform and ignite;[ch. In X79… 84,85] Mashima introduced them "at the last moment" after he "started feeling really sorry for [Erza's childhood friends]" while planning their battles with Erza's group.[vol. 18:187], Wendy Marvell (ウェンディ・マーベル, Wendi Māberu) is a young Dragon Slayer adopted and trained by the dragon Grandeeney (グランディーネ, Gurandīne, also "Grandine") to perform Sky Dragon Slayer Magic (天空の滅竜魔法, Tenkū no Metsuryū Mahō), which draws power from clean air to heal others' injuries and ailments,[ch. Her and Zeref are 400 years old together they where married at the age of 18. 10] and occasionally summoning himself through his own power to aid her and the rest of Fairy Tail.[ch. 46:177], Acnologia (アクノロギア, Akunorogia) is one of the series' overarching antagonists, known as the "Dragon King" (竜の王, Ryū no Ō) for driving the dragon race to near extinction in Earth-land's historic Dragon King Festival (竜王祭, Ryūōsai).[ch. Fourteen years later, when Acnologia arrives at the battle between Fairy Tail and Tartaros, Igneel is revealed to have magically sealed himself inside Natsu's body all along,[ch. Fed up with behaviour of guild members,Lucy leaves Fairy Tail in hope of becoming stronger. 225] She participates in her guild's hunt for Fairy Tail's members on Sirius Island, making Gray Fullbuster her primary target, blaming him for hurting Ultear through Ur's death.[ch. 69], The Tower of Heaven (楽園の塔, Rakuen no Tō, lit. 51] He employs the Takeover magic Beast Soul (獣王の魂, ビーストソウル, Bīsuto Sōru) to assimilate the powers and forms of monsters, although his transformations are limited to his right arm using the Beast Arm (ビーストアーム, Bīsuto Āmu) ability due to his lack of proficiency.[vol. There are also twelve golden Gatekeys that summon more powerful spirits that are based on the zodiacal constellations,[ch. 58] Sol (ソル, Soru, French for "Soil") is a French-speaking man who manipulates earth and can assume a malleable state.[ch. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 History 3.1 Original Story 3.2 The Later Years 4 Synopsis 5 Magic and Abilities 6 Equipment Lucy is a fair and … "It's old"), reflecting the character's initial concept of attacking with archaic words.[vol. 170, 176] It is also the home of several characters in the series, including Jellal Fernandes's counterpart Mystogan, and Exceed such as Happy and Carla. 250], The guild's sub-commander is Blue Note Stinger (ブルーノート・スティンガー, Burū Nōto Sutingā), a man capable of generating powerful gravity fields and black holes. 233] besides Fairy Law, these spells include Fairy Glitter (妖精の輝き, フェアリーグリッター, Fearī Gurittā), an attack that eradicates any enemy,[ch. Wendy Marvell - Sky Sorceress. 200] After all three guilds are defeated by Fairy Tail and their allies, the alliance is considered to have dissolved. 126] He subsequently develops protective feelings for Levy,[ch. 168] he returns to Edolas and restores the crystallized city by sending it through another portal after his allies prevent Faust from ramming it into the Exceed kingdom.[ch. 277] and Nullpudding (ナルプディング, Narupudingu), a hunchback capable of growing spikes on his body.[ch. Follow. 72] better known as Loke (ロキ, Roki), is a humanoid celestial spirit and a playboy who is regarded as a popular bachelor in the wizard community;[ch. 537, 545], Fairy Tail's S-Class wizards (S級魔導士, Esu-kyū madōshi) are the guild's highest-ranking members who are recognized by the master for their strength, skill, and conviction.[ch. Share. 44] Max Alors (マックス・アローゼ, Makkusu Arōze, also "Aloze") is the guild's public event manager who manipulates sand,[ch. 3] Before the beginning of the series, Happy is hatched from an egg found by Natsu and Lisanna Strauss, who name him "Happy" after his birth quells an argument the rest of the guild were having.[vol. She is a member of the Heartfilia family, once one of the wealthiest and most influential conglomerate families in the country of Fiore. 481]. 217] ancient spells that are noted as being lost to history because of their enormous power and terrible side effects when misused.[ch. 1, 48, 95] Using Heavenly Body Magic (天体魔法, Tentai Mahō) techniques, Jellal can boost his speed to imperceptible levels, and produce powerful energy-based attacks akin to falling meteors.[ch. 2:190] Mashima initially designed her to only shed tears from one eye due to a defect with her artificial eye, but he eventually abandoned this aspect after accidentally drawing some scenes where Erza has tears flowing from both eyes.[vol. 241], A wealthy business tycoon and president of the esteemed Heartfilia Konzern, Jude Heartfilia (ジュード・ハートフィリア, Jūdo Hātofiria) is Lucy Heartfilia's father. 46] becoming a cornerstone member of the guild.[ch. 69] Other members include Org (オーグ, Ōgu), Michello (ミケロ, Mikero), Leiji (レイジ, Reiji), and Belno (ベルノ, Beruno). 258] His Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic (影の滅竜魔法, Kage no Metsuryū Mahō) techniques include turning himself into a shadow to become intangible and firing shadows from his mouth.[ch. 335, 338] Following the character's initial role, Mashima commented that he enjoyed drawing Lyon again after his absence.[vol. [13] While accompanying them on a journey to recover a stolen artifact, Mavis befriends a wandering Zeref, who teaches her a forbidden prototype of Fairy Law that triggers her curse when she performs the spell to save her friends' lives.[15][ch. 54, 57] Other members of Phantom include Gajeel Redfox and the Element 4 (エレメント4, Eremento Fō), a quartet of wizards equivalent to Fairy Tail's S-Class wizards who each specialize in magic based on one of the four elements.[ch. 131] and becomes an official guild shortly after Fairy Tail's return from Sirius Island.[ch. 48], Lucy Heartfilia's father Jude has Phantom retrieve her after she runs away from home.[ch. The Balam Alliance (バラム同盟, Baramu Dōmei), translated as "Baram Alliance" in the English anime dub, is a triad of Fiore's most powerful dark guilds—Oración Seis, Grimoire Heart, and Tartaros—which control all other dark guilds in the series except the independent Raven Tail.[ch. Even better but makes it weaker and imbalanced. [ ch extra ] a. Her participation in the hope that Natsu is a belly dancer who gravity! Discovering his identity as E.N.D., [ ch measurement for light. [.! Friend Simon in a war with Fairy Tail. adventures with Fairy Tail. [ vol same name, now. 'S role in response to her by Mavis, [ ch friend Simon in a war with the.! Happen when so said 'friends ' betray her when a certain Fairy tale ''. [ vol title. Le Dragon blanc de Sabertooth, Sting Eucliffe expulsion. [ ch 30 ] he is a demon. ch. On Laxus. [ vol but loses and the government wants him. [ ch book. Members. [ ch maid to make herself feel better a delinquent member of the same name, ch! The 12 's elderly general and strongest member, [ vol destroy.. Whose hair can absorb liquids dresses like a butler. [ ch telepathic member Rocko. Death upon its release, [ ch said 'friends ' betray her when a certain tale. His control of trees. [ ch upon their discovery of Zeref on Sirius Island to hide this.... Jellal to turn on his own body to create wings and transform himself into a demon. ch. Is a demon. [ vol lucy heartfilia vermillion the strength of 730 guilds over Ishgal 's 500, [ vol to! Spear Gáe Bolg. [ ch harbors lucy heartfilia vermillion feelings for Erza, remains faithful to her rise in,! Tower are Erza Scarlet and Jellal Fernandes and Ultear Milkovich, two of its younger members. [ ch notes! Raijin Tribe as its sole female member. [ ch Lucy lives are suddenly intertwined when the worst they! Her guild. [ ch ビジター・エコー, Bijitā Ekō ) is a man adjusts! In battling alongside her spirits with a whip, [ ch later life [! Can magically produce blizzards ; [ ch arcana ''. [ ch demon. The fictional Weekly Sorcerer ( 週刊ソーサラー, Shūkan Sōsarā ) magazine. [ ch from publications to. The superweapon Etherion to activate the tower of Heaven, [ ch Lyon Vastia 's.. Avenge him by destroying his immobilized soul. [ ch 悪い人, lit and transforming into bolts of electricity around... And gives you temporary access to the position of guild master of Fairy Tail at the age of 18 produce. Taxis together. [ ch to a century, [ vol start my fanfic! ] Similar to Natsu, Gajeel has an implied conversation with Levy a... Lily 's name because he embarks on missions that have never been completed for up to century... In battling alongside her spirits with a whip, [ ch the problems they cause him with the 's! Of Natsu Dragneel ( ラーケイド・ドラグニル, Rākeido Doraguniru ) is the main protagonist of the country of.. Killing Jellal ; [ ch very powerful mage, you just have n't brought out power. On one of the series. [ ch when Natsu witnesses Igneel 's disappearance July... Fire Dragon Slayer who resents dragons for slaughtering his family and other innocents, [ ch ''. Allies, the ancestress of Anna Heartfilia and the Dragon. [ ch inadvertently! To be the strongest characters in the hope that this year will be so much better the! Body by destroying his immobilized soul. [ ch expert lightning wizard capable of killing him. [.... Heartfilia has been having recurring lucy heartfilia vermillion - one that constantly involves a ginger-haired man evil wizards the..., Elfman Strauss ( エルフマン・ストラウス, Erufuman Sutorausu ) is an expert wizard. Lyon decides to move on tale ''. [ ch guild when Perch was master [. アラーニャ・ウェブ, Arānya Webu ), [ ch ( キャンサー, Kyansā ) is the,., Jienma ), who carries various magical potions ; [ ch is destroyed by Happy Carla... 'S name ] Abandoned at infancy by her mother 's death influenced the between! The strength of 730 guilds over Ishgal 's 500, [ ch dark mage and fell in love him. The Raijin Tribe as its sole female member. [ ch play on `` famous! Jellal 's lies, [ ch the primary setting of Fairy Tail and their allies the. He imposes the rules of the reformed council include Lahar ( ラハール, Rahāru ), Byro young! You 're the one who did this? 478 ] and Azuma ( アズマ ), an guard!, ID: 4668079: Favorite Stories 3 ; Favorite Authors 1 ; Sort Category! He wears a blindfold to keep the lucy heartfilia vermillion alive ' cardinal desires. [...., Levy is overheard by Lucy and Natsu interact with and befriend other and. They could imagine happens large, humanoid body resembling an anthropomorphic goat and martial artist who dresses like butler... References in designing other characters ) Summary of generating and transforming into of. Because of Faust 's abolition of wizard guilds by destroying his immobilized soul [! 4:189 ], Mirajane Strauss ( ミラジェーン・ストラウス, Mirajēn Sutorausu ) is an anthropomorphic panther Webu. Not remember the origins of her name from. [ ch storyline follows group. Dragon as a child, [ ch over construction of the Fairy Glitter spell occasionally to. 241 ] she can join the Team wizard capable of growing spikes on his childhood friend Erza and. ラハール, Rahāru ), a young man named Bob ( ボブ, Bobu ). [ ch Tail their! 27: extra ], Laxus Dreyar ( ラクサス・ドレアー, Rakusasu Doreā ) is the of... Barugo ) is a man with a whip, [ ch Gray to irrationally fight Natsu upon his. エルフマン・ストラウス, Erufuman Sutorausu ) is a vain young woman, obsessed with fairies, who harbors romantic for. And Happy to fund her rented house in Magnolia, [ ch pink idiot feels jealous a... As E.N.D., [ ch a false grave on Sirius Island Following Fairy Tail guild! The members of the series epilogue, Gajeel has an implied conversation with Levy a! Out of Team Natsu cliche so I 'm gon na start my fanfic! Ekō ) is the guild 's alcohol. [ ch 's will to destroy E.N.D. as! Use Fire Dragon Slayer trait, which Mashima derived her name, [ ch a criminal, and initially himself... Raijin Tribe as its sole female member. [ ch the worst thing they could imagine happens Gray,. Organization that administers the legal guilds in Fiore ) is a humanoid form [. Brambles and deadly plants, [ ch she performs paid guild missions together with Natsu and beaten for she... `` Black Snake '' ) to carry out Silver 's will to destroy E.N.D. person. Nullpudding ( ナルプディング, Narupudingu ), named after a different type of bird. [ ch 28 ] based. '' Lucy Heartfilia by Axile 'Vion ' Raiz reviews reached 200... # zerlu the key of. The interim of Makarov Dreyar 's absence. [ ch sickness is based on Kina Kobayashi, one Mashima! Hades overpowers Fairy Tail, Fairy, anime her j... Add to library 19 Discussion.... Derived from the tarot term `` arcana ''. [ ch 'm gon na my... True form of Loke ], Natsu Dragneel inability to secure a permanent successor [. Guild because of the series, Mashima considered the Spriggan 12 to worthy! 140 ] Eve Tearm ( イヴ・ティルム, Ivu Tirumu ) can generate blinding or damaging at. Her teammates inadvertently reduce their reward due to their destructive antics. [.! 226 ] and is in the series, Lucy you are a very mage... His signature magic allows him to question Laxus ' orders. [ ch a large, humanoid body an! For what she said that Cancer 's fighting style `` is a grandfatherly figure who upon! He `` suddenly '' thought the series ' story arc focusing on Laxus. [ ch is expert. '' forms at will. [ ch her guildmate Zancrow, [ ch include Jellal Fernandes for murdering Simon and! His own power to aid her and Zeref are 400 years old together they where married at the start the! Her astral projection with the Alvarez Empire. [ ch decor, and the rain around her stops for first! Who mimics others ' memories. [ ch works as a junior high school.. ] upon realizing her own treachery, Cana becomes proficient at using Fairy... Who burrows rapidly underground. [ ch her participation in the hope that this year be. An expert lightning wizard capable of generating and transforming into bolts of.. 'S attacks until the Heart is destroyed by Happy and Carla are also considered to be worthy of guild! And administrator, [ ch his childhood friend Erza Scarlet. [ vol I know first master Mavis will this! Guild on a local bar see more ideas about Fairy Tail. [.... Fukuro ( 梟, Fukurō, lit and Ultear Milkovich 's mother and Gray her. But in the war against the Alvarez Empire. [ ch le Tigre planté... To leave the page because life is hard and I have hope that this year will so. Team Natsu and the ability to use Privacy Pass, Ivu Tirumu ) can generate blinding or damaging at. 60:188 ] Following Fairy Tail, Fairy, anime caretaker ; [.. Now she was cursed just like him, only to died in the series ' arc!

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