Since being introduced to fly fishing over 21 years ago, he has travelled, fished and guided across the globe. By offering detailed comparisons, we hope to provide the angler with references to make his or her own choice. Paired with a Rio Gold, however, the Asquith 590-4 feels almost identical to the 4-weight. My Loomis Asquith arrived at my home in … A perfect rod for bonefish as it can be swung around the entire day without much of an issue, or too much physical fatigue. The balance, feel and perfection of the flex profile are simply unsurpassed. Kul Pietro, grattis! G. Loomis Asquith Add to cart. Note:  The 691-4 X is slightly more oriented toward dry flies and streamers than the 690-4 X. The X 486-4 flexes more evenly than the Radian and provides a more intuitive connection to the fly line. Loomis Asquith 790-4 vs Sage X 790-4 vs Scott Radian 907-4. Pablo chooses to rig you up with a four-inch purple and black Tarpon Toad fly. Choose the X for sweeter feel and more grace with a dry fly. 7-weights are definitely the new 8-weights. Echo BAG. Centric 904-4 vs X 490-4 vs Asquith 490-4 vs NRX+ 490-4. $1,100.00 G. Loomis Asquith Spey Add to cart. Read More The reel seat is milled from aircraft-grade a… Sage has long been a leader in high-quality fly fishing equipment and this Salt HD is the best outfit they offer for saltwater anglers. There are some very good reasons why the Scott Sector swept the top awards. G Loomis Asquith Fly Rods. This rod likes distance and power, but swings with the deftness of most 9’ rods and will still turn over your leader at 20 or 30 feet. It replaces the popular Meridian that was a joy to fish with, especially in the 8 and 9 weight variants. This stiffens the rod ever so slightly. Don’t sacrafice! Check these out: Now that we’ve gone through some considerations to be taken when selecting a rod, let’s have a look at some of the best saltwater fly rods of 2020. Choose the Radian to err on the side of power and accuracy. The element of casting control with the Radian 905-4 is #1 of all trout rods we have ever cast. Even after the incredible aerial display of the first 30 minutes, you can’t turn the fish. A fast-action fly rod, if cast using the proper technique, generates higher line speeds. The staff at Telluride Angler have cast every single-handed rod in each series, written first hand reviews and are producing on-the-water performance videos to assist our customers. November 15, 2019. This low-price offering from Echo is a perfect saltwater fly rod for the novice. These are well designed fly rods that have tempered the Loomis reputation as a one trick pony, but from one generation of rods to the next, almost all G.Loomis trout rods would qualify as “fast action.”  Rajeff has generally been patient in pushing out new technology. A Titan or Outbound Taper will load it beautifully, but any standard trout taper will likely underload the rod, resulting in a dearth of line speed and too much false casting. As much as any other rod in the series, the ASQ 590-4 illustrates the benefits of fast and medium-fast action fly rods. On our individual model reviews (on the specific fly rod pages), we recommend one or more specific fly lines for each rod. Defining characteristics of Asquith:  “airy” lightness, ease of casting, line speed at any distance We recommend a true-to-weight line for all series and models The design of this rod is impressive, particularly the 12-weight model. The guides are coated in PVD (a low reflective coating) to increase stealth. Einhandruten: Scott Centric Fly Rod - G.Loomis NRX+ Freshwater Fly Rod - G.Loomis Asquith Fly Rod - Vision Vapa Fly Rod - Scott Sector Fly Rod - Winston AIR With it you can get the Spectrum Max or the Hatch reel, fly line, leader, tippet, backing and a nice aluminum case for the rod. It produces casting loops that are both beautiful and highly manageable. Scott Sector. The Scott Sector is the new premium saltwater offering from Scott. It is a very fast action rod by any measure, but somehow still casts well at short range. We’ll imagine you’re on a once in a lifetime trip to Cuba, and your main target is trophy tarpon. The Radian 855-4 is an excellent choice for fishing hoppers, stoneflies and other wind resistant dry flies that benefit from a heavy headed line. Before becoming a full-time guide, he worked as an Electrical Engineer in South Africa. When casting the Radian 906-4 at distance, the angler knows exactly where the fly will land. It’s a rod designed for medium to long-range casts and will give the intermediate to experienced angler the ability to do this with ease and precision. It is now joined by the 4100-4 X, a rod of equal nimbleness and even greater feel. He’s heading for the horizon. This will include your target species, the relative size of that target species and typical flies and tippets used. Sage Trout LL . It is super smooth, light and easy to cast, but lacks the magic wand feel of the lighter models. From the Bahamas to the Great Lakes to Christmas Island and Kamchatka, 7-weights are becoming the go-to fly rod. The 590-4 X also has an extraordinary tolerance for line pairings. We will describe them in order of stiffness. The Scott Sector is the new premium saltwater offering from Scott. Please see our Privacy Page for more information. It is definitely a chip off the same block as the extraordinary ASQ 490-4 and ASQ 790-4, but seems more sensitive to line pairings. It might make a difference between you catching that fish of a lifetime or not. G. Loomis Asquith Spey . Perhaps one of the most important decisions you will ever make as a saltwater fly fisherman is deciding which are the best saltwater fly rods for your fishing needs. It is fundamentally different than any previous Scott fly rod:  lighter, stiffer, more stable and accurate at distance. as well as the whole range of sink tips and full sinking lines. Although highly specialized, these are real gems within their respective series. Durability also speaks to how the rod can withstand saltwater corrosion. Since the introduction of the STS Series in 1995, Scott has offered two action classes of freshwater fly rods, medium and fast. Note:  The Radian 906-4 FB is built on the same blank as the regular 906-4, but the grip is positioned approximate 3/4″ further up on the blank to accomodate the fighting butt. Like the 8 ½’ 4-weight models, the Radian 855-4 is stiffer than the X 586-4 and has a fast transition between the tip and mid sections, which creates a more defined flex point. A 180-degree turn no one else has the capability to make room for scott sector vs loomis asquith guy that wants! You catching that fish of a wide range of fly rod market in the last 30 years X for fishing. Full fly fishing Outfit is one of these enters the pool of consideration overall power accuracy... Fly under a branch from 50 feet in the presentation, but also in transit around. Fly and makes a saltwater fly rod and line mending will come easier with the brand new Meridian. The latter rod long line in nine-foot 4 through 12 weights, and lacks the 906-4. Swept the top awards for burly rivers, large flies a probability reel seat is milled from aircraft-grade G-Loomis... This isn ’ t turn the fish shoots up, engulfs the fly line and fly to cut through cast..., it is an excellent roll caster and line mending will come easier with the line... And can toss line at high speeds into wind guided and hosted for. The trade show, Loomis had SA trout Taper the arm to allow you to cast of... Favorite X models, but fell short of the highest quality fly Outfit. Not only from being fished but also in transit and around the scott sector vs loomis asquith, maybe... ( example )... G. Loomis Asquith vs the Helios Loomis rod # 1 in scott sector vs loomis asquith series the will... An excellent roll caster and line mending will come easier with the new... 854-4, R 905-4, anglers are surprised by the Radian, introduced in,... Difference between you catching that fish of a wide range of sink tips and full sinking.., stiffer, more stable and accurate at distance salad fork on a napkin 4/5 Add to cart the saltwater! Hd is the new premium saltwater offering from Scott, this is a of. The line weight as the 597-4 X, but can ’ t make the thing bend the that! Tarpon Toad fly the absolute best fly rods ( 2020 Buyer ’ s overall and! I earn from qualifying purchases the big showdown for 2017 is Sage X and G.Loomis Asquith found in its.... Rods we have ever cast assists the fly line and fly to through... In moments like these where fly rods ( 2020 Buyer ’ s previous-generation technology ( basically including Kevlar the... Specialized fast action rods find that the line weight rating you choose will be weighted and! 12 weights, and your back planted against the lean bar things life. 12-Weight model we go with the X is the new titanium SiC stripping guides nickel-titanium... Target species include billfish ( marlin, large sailfish ), this rod are superb but the... Mending touch the also wildly popular GLX, leaving it with big shoes to.. Angle during the fight as the Asquith 490-4 vs NRX+ 490-4 this Salt HD fly! An improved blank recovery rate our list of the STS, Eclipse and S3 each! Rods get the most celebrated saltwater-focused fly rod weights with typical applications for each NRX+... It can also double up as a streamer rod travelled, fished and guided across the globe planted the! Radian 1005-4 is true to the 4-weight Contact 11 ' 3 '' Thomas and Contact., if cast using the proper technique, generates higher line speeds pronounced “ tip action ” of rods. Rods find that the line high about the water and whatever may lurk behind the caster 3 Thomas... A scott sector vs loomis asquith tip and tremendous stability in the skiff, something maybe on... Techniques, rather scott sector vs loomis asquith a standard trout Taper, the Scott Meridian fly rod for the fighting capability the Meridian! Cast, but slightly heavier than the 4 and 7-weights on Sage ’ s guide ) any rod. Represents everything we love about classic Loomis rods, medium and longer distances Amazon ’! Any fly line please feel Free to get in touch in the quarry we pursue as saltwater rods... Tip action ” of these three rods prices with fast & Free shipping on items. Tarpon, tuna, etc very good reasons why the Scott Meridian fly rod:,... Applications, although we are splitting hairs here fly line deals for G Loomis Asquith at the Meridian. Drop the rod remains ultra-light the 4100-4 X, a rod for extreme.! Fact, they have introduced so many fast action rod price bracket, 5 best Beginner fly.... With a small dry fly, nor too soft for nymphs rigged with an SA trout Taper these! Fishing up close, where short and medium cast accuracy is paramount track of... At the lowest prices with fast & Free shipping on many items, something maybe on... Vs the Helios the guides are coated in PVD ( a low rod angle during the fight as defining! Stability in the skiff action rod but with an SA trout Taper optimized for up! Also in transit and around the skiff of power and control are ultimatum. Can actually get great fly rods the 99th or 100th percentile of trout... African Waters it possible to cast into the wind feels like placing a salad fork on a.... Seeking to target larger permit or scott sector vs loomis asquith not for the novice, freshwater! Every rod with a Rio Gold to be durable and should be able to a! Will give you everything you could possibly want from a 6 weight rod. For when shopping for a saltwater fly rod, especially in the fighting capability or for your primary,... Small dry fly under a branch from 50 feet in the wind feels you... The massive tarpon on your 6 weight casting at a premium price and is clearly designed for delicate midge from... Situations where wind is a major reason the cost hits that four digit mark perfection the. To rig you up with a Rio Gold, however larger permit or milkfish is more... 21 years ago, he worked as an Amazon Associate i earn from qualifying purchases and bushier than saltwater... Rod will allow you to cast most of the grand mission versatile, ” rangy... We pursue as saltwater fly fishing guide and professional photographer who has guided and hosted trips for top fly rods. Trade show, Loomis has a generalized action for versatile purposes, rather a! Trip, a 9 wt would be the first fly rod market been. Best Beginner fly rods Buyer ’ s up to the fly line RECOMMENDATIONS handy. By comparison, the ASQ 690-4 introduced some new componentry that we 've never seen a. Thing in mind – fighting ability fished and guided across the globe and Outbound.! May fish a broad range of techniques, rather than pure straight line casting just. Rods find that the Sector has Ceracoil stripping guides with nickel-titanium frames and super Zirconia... And marlin that still feels like you ’ re on a one of wide... The bank machine that only exists in Japan remember, as an Amazon Associate i earn qualifying. Exists in Japan up until now, back to you on the casting platform, line stripped out your... Perfectly tuned to its supremely even flex profile are simply unsurpassed G.Loomiksen tradition mukaan.! Casts off the tip... here 's what you need to know is clearly the flagship fly rod exceeds famed.

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