the imaginary numbers. Note : Every real number is a complex number with 0 as its imaginary part. Skip Notes. Dividing by a complex number: Multiply top and bottom of the fraction by the complex conjugate of the denominator so that it becomes real, then do as above. Dividing by a real number: divide the real part and divide the imaginary part. Also we assume i2 1 since The set of complex numbers contain 1 2 1. s the set of all real numbers… we multiply and divide the fraction with the complex conjugate of the denominator, so that the resulting fraction does not have in the denominator. If a = a + bi is a complex number, then a is called its real part, notation a = Re(a), and b is called its imaginary part, notation b = Im(a). Notes on Complex Numbers University of British Columbia, Vancouver Yue-Xian Li March 17, 2015 1. Multiplication of complex numbers will eventually be de ned so that i2 = 1. Skip Table of contents. You will see that, in general, you proceed as in real numbers, but using i 2 =−1 where appropriate. Complex Numbers. **The product of complex conjugates is always a real number. Dividing Complex Numbers Dividing complex numbers is similar to the rationalization process i.e. (Electrical engineers sometimes write jinstead of i, because they want to reserve i For instance, given the two complex numbers, z a i zc i 12=+=00 + Note that the formulas for addition and multiplication of complex numbers give the standard real number formulas as well. Mathematics Notes; ... Can you upload notes also. Section 2.1 – Complex Numbers—Rectangular Form The standard form of a complex number is a + bi where a is the real part of the number and b is the imaginary part, and of course we define i 1. Above we noted that we can think of the real numbers as a subset of the complex numbers. 18.03 LECTURE NOTES, SPRING 2014 BJORN POONEN 7. Examples: 3+4 2 = 3 2 +4 2 =1.5+2 4−5 3+2 = 4−5 3+2 ×3−2 3−2 COMPLEX NUMBERS AND DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS 3 3. Complex numbers often are denoted by the letter z or by Greek letters like a (alpha). 1 Complex numbers and Euler’s Formula 1.1 De nitions and basic concepts The imaginary number i: i p 1 i2 = 1: (1) Every imaginary number is expressed as a real-valued multiple of i: p 9 = p 9 p 1 = p Complex Numbers notes.notebook October 18, 2018 Complex Conjugates Complex Conjugates­ two complex numbers of the form a + bi and a ­ bi. Complex numbers can be represented as points in the plane, using the cor-respondence x + iy ↔ (x, y). Definition (Imaginary unit, complex number, real and imaginary part, complex conjugate). In coordinate form, Z = (a, b). 7.3 Properties of Complex Number: (i) The two complex numbers a + bi and c + di are equal if and only if Table of contents. Step Study handwritten notes... (0) Answer. addition, multiplication, division etc., need to be defined. Complex numbers Complex numbers are expressions of the form x+ yi, where xand yare real numbers, and iis a new symbol. We then write z = x +yi or a = a +bi. This is termed the algebra of complex numbers. numbers and pure imaginary numbers are special cases of complex numbers. The real complex numbers lie on the x–axis, which is then called the real axis, while the imaginary numbers lie on the The complex numbers are denoted by Z , i.e., Z = a + bi. COMPLEX NUMBERS, EULER’S FORMULA 2. Having introduced a complex number, the ways in which they can be combined, i.e. The imaginary part, therefore, is a real number! The representation is known as the Argand diagram or complex plane. Click theory notes complex number maths.pdf link to view the file. But first equality of complex numbers must be defined.

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