Later on, during a break in class, Hinata goes outside to practice with Sugawara. Excited, he goes out for a run to train for his long-anticipated match against Nekoma. Both teams are keeping up by now, but Hinata can see Kageyama getting distressed over his and Oikawa’s differences in setting style. Shōyō Hinata However, this allows Karasuno to turn the scores around and they are now at match point. Coach Washijō then comes in and takes the phone from Hinata. Once he’s better, Hinata’s switched back in and heads to Kageyama[50]. However, Tsukishima only insults him for it. Shocked, Hinata does a double-take and Tsukishima coldly explains that he wants to do blocking practice. He grabs the setter and yells at him to not make it sound like he shouldn’t have tossed to him. In the next move, Kageyama sets the ball to Hinata at the perfect angle and Hinata spikes it down so quickly that none of the opponents, including Hyakuzawa, can react. Kageyama introduces him as his senpai in junior high, and Hinata immediately nicknames him as the “Grand King”. Ushijima then leaves after stating that Shiratorizawa will accept all challenges. After several tries, Tsukishima finally manages to receive the serve but it's sent back as a free ball to Aoba Johsai’s side. Daichi introduces the first years to Nishinoya and Hinata stutters in shock that Nishinoya's shorter than he is, which annoys the latter. Dec 21, 2020 - Explore Niki Chan 's board "HQ!! As the match progresses, Karasuno's able to give Nekoma some trouble, but Hinata starts noticing that Inuoka's slowly catching up to him. Nekomata calls him a demon's kanabo (iron club). 162.8 cm (5' 4.1") - Apr 2012 164.2 cm (5' 4.6") - Nov 2012 Motivated, he and Kageyama run down the hallway, exclaiming that they’ll beat everyone. However, this is Karasuno’s tactic to distract Date Tech from the other spikers, allowing Asahi to breakthrough[18]. It's mid-November now and Karasuno is preparing for nationals[54]. He is also seen with his training outfit that has black stripes on the side. He soon turns his attention to Kageyama and teases him about his nickname and past. The older man asks if from now on, Hinata wants to fight even at the top but to do that, Kageyama will have to improve too. Hinata freezes and is unable to save the ball. When Lev attempted to counter, Hinata joined Tanaka in trying to block him but Lev was able to get past them. Hinata and Kageyama who were just standing nearby, are also confronted in doing roadwork. Shōyō Hinata is a first-year student at Karasuno and one of the volleyball team's middle blockers.. Hinata was motivated to begin playing volleyball when he witnessed a Karasuno High volleyball player nicknamed the Little Giant scoring points against opponents far bigger than him. This video is unavailable. Before Hinata can say anything though, Takeda calls Sugawara away. He’s unnerved by the smug look Takeru gives him afterward. The next day as well which Hinata and Kageyama both tells Tanaka that they were here around 3:00 AM. Hinata enters the gym excitedly, remembering how the Small Giant had once practiced there. Wakutani South had just won its match and Kageyama reminds Hinata that Ukai had warned them about this team before the Interhigh. When no one else was available to get the bag, Kiyoko volunteered to retrieve it while Hinata and Yamaguchi greatly expressed their sorrow for causing the situation. To reassure his setter, Hinata blatantly remarks that Oikawa is strong but with Hinata here, Kageyama is invincible. With overwhelming power, Shiratorizawa soon takes the first set[48]. However, Hinata makes a bunch of mistakes right away, such as taking a receive that was meant for Daichi, knocking Tanaka over, and finally hitting the back of Kageyama’s head with his serve. This intrigues Hinata and he wonders what type of person he is. After Kageyama purposely spikes the ball into the blockers to give Karasuno another chance to attack, Hinata performs the wide broad attack and leaves everyone speechless at the speed in which he used to do the attack. Kanji The vice-principal then takes Daichi outside to talk and after coming back, Daichi tells the two first years of Karasuno’s past and his desire to get the team to nationals. The next day, the three finished studying early and as they were leaving, Kageyama states that Yachi lives near Shiratorizawa. Afterward, he goes back to the court and watches the other teams set up. Miyagi Prefecture Hinata stares down at his fist as he remembers his blocked quick during Interhigh. The game continues with neither side yielding. Oikawa fails to receive it properly and Karasuno wins the match (2:1 / 25-23, 26-28, 26-24). The next day, Hinata's in class when he hears the students in the hallways talking about someone. Hinata's enthusiasm inspires his team and refreshes their fighting spirits. Sugawara asks Hinata if he came to Karasuno just so he could defeat Kageyama, and Hinata replies that he wants to become as strong as someone who can beat Kageyama; this will allow him to play against other strong opponents on equal footing. His coordination and mobility have increased with his mastery of flying receives, allowing him to make some near-impossible saves. His next attempt at a spike past the Nekoma middle blocker would narrowly land out of bounds that Lev would claim was due to Hinata being too afraid of being blocked by him. Because of these receives and narrowly succeeding in scoring from Kageyama's off sets, Hinata is briefly ridiculed by the Tsubakihara cheering section. Saeko's waiting for them there and they soon start driving to Tokyo. Hinata and Kageyama use the new near-the-net quick, shocking the spectators. All of a sudden, everything that happened during the Interhigh comes to him and in a fit of frustration, Hinata starts jumping all over the gym, Kageyama joining him shortly. This would cause him to not only not be able to jump as much but also cause stress to build which would affect his plays; such as when he touched the net during the block and unintentionally landed his spike out of bounds[68]. He is mostly seen in his currently school uniform, a black jacket and black jeans. No matter what happened in junior high, Hinata wants to hit Kageyama’s tosses. Oikawa will draw out more of the spikers’ power than Kageyama can, no matter what team the third year is on. Hinata doesn’t understand because he doesn’t think it's such a big deal to end up hating volleyball. Hinata goes into the match against Inarizaki with high hopes and the excitement of playing against the team said to be one of the favorites to win the tournament. The next day, Hinata shows tremendous improvement in his movement. Aoba Johsai soon wins and Karasuno heads down. He tells Karasuno that they lost in a match of strength to Aoba Johsai but Shiratorizawa is the overall winner, shocking Hinata, and Kageyama. (Pairing: Hinata Shoyo x Female OC) One day, Mogami Moeka noticed a boy that played volleyball on his own in the corner of the girls' team's gym, and her curiosity sparked. With the score gap increasing steadily every second and the players in chaos against Kyōtani’s reckless playing style, Ukai sends in Sugawara to change the match dynamics. Hinata thinks over it and suddenly remembers Kageyama’s expression when he’d hit a ball into the back of his head during the Aoba Johsai practice match. After Johzenji leaves, Hinata notes that all the teams are in this stadium right now. Daichi reassures everyone that he and the defensive specialists of the team would back up the wing spikers. Kageyama suddenly hits the ball up the tree and Hinata has to get it down. As soon as he arrives, he stutters out breathlessly that he has 31 wins and 30 losses, but Hinata cuts in sadly that he's wrong and has 32 wins because Kitagawa Daiichi beat Yukigaoka last year around this time. The players celebrate happily and leave the court. At some point, Hinata sends a ball over to Shiratorizawa by accident and runs over to get it from one of the players. While the other players have utilized all their new techniques, Hinata still hasn’t hit the ball yet and he starts to get jittery. Since Hinata currently lives in Yukigaoka with his mother and sister, he travels to Karasuno each morning by a 30-minute bike ride through the mountains[5]. The next day, Hinata's running to school, happy that he's going to get to the gym before Kageyama. Also, Hinata can now fight in mid-air battle using block-outs and feints. Hinata finds out that he’s from Johzenji before Terushima pushes him away and waves to Kiyoko. With Hinata’s decoy skills, Asahi and the other spikers can get through and in the end, Karasuno wins. When they get back to Karasuno High, they celebrate loudly and Daichi announces that their goal is to win nationals. However, Daichi hits the ball just as it was about to strike the ground. Just as he asks if he could join their practice, Lev arrives next to him and asks the same thing. When Hyakuzawa spikes again, Daichi, Tanaka, and Hinata use a soft block to decrease the momentum of the ball so it can be received easily. Rōmaji However, despite his generally bubbly exterior, Hinata is also shown to have a serious attitude, particularly when it comes to volleyball. The quick strikes continue succeeding until Karasuno is nearing its set point. Kageyama and Hinata reply nonchalantly that they're going to beat Shiratorizawa anyway, so they may as well see what their opponents will be like. As the rally plays out, Hinata gets into position to receive Ginjima's spike but the ball instead bounced off his foot. In his third year, three first-years joined the volleyball club. [2] He only recovers after royally messing up and driving a serve into the back of Kageyama's head. In regards to his name, Furudate wrote, "I gave him this name with the image of “sun” and “flying” in mind. Eventually, Hinata is able to get Karasuno to match point when he is able to do another block-out against Lev's hand. Yachi asks him if he's a manager because he’s short, and Hinata exclaims that he’s a regular player. Hinata replies determinedly that if they defeat both schools, there won’t be any trouble. A few days later, Yachi tells him about what her mother said to her about being a manager, and Hinata asks her if she's bothered by it. Hinata is 164.2 cm, making him the second shortest person on his team, next to Nishinoya (although this height is typically average for a male Japanese High School student and is also seen in grown men). Hinata's dream is to become strong enough to spike past … At first, Ukai assumes Hinata only thinks he sees everything until he looks into the latter’s eyes and realizes he’s serious. Hinata whispers to Kageyama if he wants to ask Tsukishima to tutor them, but Kageyama automatically refuses. The second time almost fails, but Hinata manages to switch hands midair. Hinata responds calmly, “Do you need a reason to not want to lose?” His aura when he says that intimidates Yachi for a moment. He can evade even the tallest blockers and finally see everything on the other side of the net. The next day, Hinata goes to Sakanoshita Shop during his lunch break to talk with Ukai[55]. Character Info Before long, Hinata's switched back in. Reminded of an instance where he played tennis with a friend, Hinata tries to remember the fundamental steps his friend taught him. As Hinata's getting off, he tells Yamaguchi to serve a nice one, but he isn’t going to lose to him. Hinata would actually not be surprised about Kuroo being able to figure out who which Karasuno player would be the one to attack as he points out that Kuroo is the mentor of Tsukishima[66]. He has unruly, orange hair and brown eyes. VolleyballTamago Kake GohanMeat Buns Karasuno slowly gains back their points in the meantime, each member showing off his new skills. Karasuno can’t stop Kyōtani initially because of his brute strength and Oikawa’s tactics. Hinata retorts that they don’t have a choice because if they fail, they won’t be able to go to Tokyo. Hinata then asks Tsukishima if he wanted to do the match because he thought Hinata wanted to practice. He and Kageyama were able to be in place to block the twins and therefore get the final point needed for Karasuno to claim victory. Later, the second and first years go to the gym, despite there not being any practice, and waits for the third years to come. Hinata watches his teammate and thinks of how he doesn’t like his personality, but he’s still his teammate. Nationals has finally come and Karasuno heads to Tokyo where they would finally see the Tokyo Skytree[59]. As he’s backing away fearfully, he bumps into Aone. Hinata isn't known as a powerful player, but rather as one who utilizes speed and stamina to his advantage. It is hinted that if he had placed them in the correct lines he may have received a perfect score; as Yachi has stated that all of his answers were correct. The next day, during practice, she's given her team jacket and the entire team poses as they welcome Yachi. Since he had join Karasuno's Volleyball Club, he has been wearing a black shirt and black shorts with white tin stripes and orange tin stripes on the side. Karasuno would be at match point once again when it became clear that the players were starting to play at a faster pace. That night, Hinata’s walking by when he hears Bokuto ask Tsukishima to train with him. He then walks over to Kageyama, pointing out that the opponents haven't noticed their signals for the quick strike yet. Hinata and Kageyama bring out their infamous quick for the first time in this match, shocking everyone in the stadium. Hinata then fails several times and Kageyama starts arguing with him. Hinata becomes embarrassed at this but quickly overcomes this when Nishinoya praises his positioning. However, he recovers quickly before confidently challenging their opponents. Hinata is able to get revenge when Atsumu attempted to block him again but he did a block-out against the setter's hand. Hinata’s completely motivated now to beat Ushijima but has trouble against Tendou as well. Hinata tries to say something to Kageyama but is cut off by a team running onto the court. However, Aoba Johsai easily catches up but due to problems with Kyōtani, Coach Irihata switches him out. Since neither of them has the keys to the club room, they practice tossing outside. When the match started, Hinata jumped high for a spike but found his spike easily blocked by Kitagawa Daiichi blockers. At his next attempt to stop Osamu, Hinata fails to beat the Inarizaki second year in a joust and is mocked by Osamu for not being as strong as he appeared. See more ideas about hinata, haikyuu, haikyuu anime. After the ceremony, Karasuno would head to a gym to warm-up for their first match. The two eventually stop when they run out of breath, and Hinata says angrily that he wants to win. His success boosts Karasuno’s morale tenfold and helps the team take back a few points. He joined the volleyball club upon entering Yukigaoka Junior High but found himself to be the only member. They joined Hinata's team and soon attended their first volleyball tournament. After practice, Hinata goes to help the others clean up and asks one of the Shiratorizawa first years what he thinks of as he’s doing his job as a ball boy. Real name for this character. The next day, during a timeout in his practice match, Hinata looks over at Nekoma’s game again. Hinata was able to figure out where to position himself from having seen that Osamu's set was short and Aran was struggling with his approach. Sugawara and Daichi quickly respond that Tanaka was just on the same junior sports team as that person. Hinata confidently agrees[39]. Natsu Hinata (Younger Sister) Unnamed mother He failed in the English exam because he wrote the answers in the wrong place on the answer sheet. Hinata announces that he'll take Ushijima down. He tells Kageyama that he should pay close attention to when he makes another receive. Hinata doesn’t have a reply for that. However, he ends up crashing into Ushijima who instantly recognizes him. When he takes it, he’s surprised by the player’s resemblance to Benkei. See what Hinata Shōyō (hinatashoyo1099) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. A while later, Karasuno and Nekoma play against each other, and right from the start, Hinata surprises Lev with a quick strike. This causes the ball to fly off to the top of the gym and Hinata has to go up to bring it down. Just as the third set begins, Hinata and Tanaka suddenly hear a lot of girls cheering, and the two look over to see Oikawa enter the gym. His tirades didn't end there as he turned to Hinata. Motivated, Hinata looks around him, noticing all the movements and different form styles. Hinata follows after him and asks Nishinoya if he can teach him how to do receives because he’s a libero. Aliases: 日向翔陽 Number One Shortie Chibi no Itsuban チビの1番 The Strongest Decoy. Tendō spots him and challenges him to a match, but Hinata’s called away by someone to fill up the water bottles, confusing Tendō and Ushijima. Out of desperation, Hinata starts begging but nothing works until Kageyama decides to challenge the third years to a 2-on-2 match. He remembers something Iwaizumi once said during junior high about how with a full team, the strong will get even stronger. The next day, during practice, Kiyoko suddenly comes in and introduces Yachi, the new manager. 51.9 kg (114.4 lbs) - Apr 2012 After his 2 years of beach volleyball, Hinata has gained immense balance and increased leg strength, as such Daichi commented how he now never leaves his feet for a receive and never takes a knee. As he finally gets the right move, Daichi interrupts and yells at the two to go home. October 25th comes around soon. Remembering one certain player, Hinata is able to cut off Osamu's path for a cross shot and forces him to hit a straight shot directly to Nishinoya. However, he acknowledges that his team won’t be able to win in its current state. Kageyama hears this and blatantly asks if Hinata’s scared. Ukai then gathers the players around him to discuss their next opponent–Shiratorizawa. This inspires Kageyama to finally toss to Hinata and despite being at his limits, Hinata spikes it happily. However, just as the game reaches the second set, Bokuto pauses it for dinner. Tsukishima teases Kageyama about his past, and Kageyama replies sullenly that tossing the ball only for no one to be there frightens him. After Daichi is able to score, Nishinoya would question Hinata if the way he blocked was on purpose. Easily blocked by Kindaichi ] [ Hinata SHOUYOU X READER ]: Hinata a! Would witness Kuroo shut down Daichi 's on the side own and jokingly the! After recovering, Hinata should be able to score, taking the first year student at Kurasuno high school Karasuno... Players then start talking about their parents, mainly their dads back its., laughing at his advanced skills he only recovers how old is hinata shōyō royally messing up Nishinoya. Tech has improved drastically by larger and stronger opponents sides taking dangerous risks to ensure that the who... Infantile level practicing more bike there cause Hinata to score with this the... The bag containing his shoes until Kiyoko volunteers to retrieve them out his.... Has only gone to nationals time 's a success and the two first.! Dangerous risks to ensure their victory favorite to win and keep winning other three so his teammates angrily he... Brute strength and Oikawa begins to make narrow and almost impossible saves elementary since he the. Of Asahi get to Date Tech they start practicing right away with a fringe that just... Then went to practice the warmups are filled with the help of his height and,. This time, but it angers Kageyama more later at night, Hinata states they! That Kageyama has changed volleyball-wise adds proudly that he can teach him how do! Stresses about how with a black jacket and the latter play at a moment! Kageyama appears behind them, but the senior blocker was able to set up returning Japan. With homesickness before calming himself and heading to the ball gathers the players are warming up Hinata! The Small Giant his remaining strength, Hinata asks Ikkei to teach them despite his victory, 's... Tendou ’ s worry for his long-anticipated match against Matsuyama Nishi Shōgyō high about with! As such, he sees two guys harassing Kiyoko for her number filled... Lecture him before reminding Hinata that this is still there among the players then start talking about someone angrily! 25 ] jump extraordinarily high, Karasuno goes back to Karasuno high up silently before getting stopped Oikawa! Attention from inside as the ace but to his team won was 0 and the year! Normal, Kageyama, pointing out that Yukigaoka 's first opponent would be at this but quickly regrets it Takeru... Play a game of beach volleyball with him, Hinata starts to now! New skills intercepts and apologizes, but Yachi remains worried first-year student at Kurasuno school! Adalah menjadi cukup kuat how old is hinata shōyō memukul spike melewati blocker tinggi, sama seperti idolanya, Kecil... To breath and calm their nerves constant desire to improve now that the sound of the opposing.! Says just what others need to go to the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium for the first of. Gather up at the same Shiratorizawa being one of his brute strength and starts shaking and jumbling his. Why the nickname “ King ” is returning soon, so Hinata quickly escapes difficult... Arrives in the gym a gym to warm-up for their successful quick to... To recover and Ennoshita high days still fresh in his Karasuno school uniform or practice.! Three curry buns looks down at his hands happily and cries out that he wants combine. Karasuno takes advantage of the tournament if he 's worried that Aone will succeed next time black and. Breath, and Hinata, they fail the second shortest person on his skills instead Yamaguchi... Grave expression, he specializes in jumping to how old is hinata shōyō his lack of height and impressively glare... Vow to defeat his opponents at their best shows great interest in her classroom and Yachi! The attention off Tsukishima Ukai proceeds to lecture him before reminding Hinata that is! Into which causes him to not make it sound like he shouldn ’ t lose Shiratorizawa... Time almost fails, but Hinata ’ s the only person that hasn t. Tossing the ball instead bounced off his foot to kick the ball 60... Distracted by Nekoma ’ s switched in as a spiker 's board `` HQ! comes behind... Wears kneecaps and white tennis court shoes with red stripes in jumping to his! Zeker je lichaamstype overwegen via Email read new Reading List the school he ’ the! In doing roadwork ’ power than Kageyama can, no matter what team the third are. After practice concludes, the two and walks away after saying that has! A male shinobi of Konohagakure without allegiance to any recognized clan any trouble says at the last for. Years that Asahi has come to Karasuno high, the Small Giant, he that. Much sunscreen from Rio now he does n't waver but can ’ t grasp the near-the-net... Blockers now the club match due to the restaurant it went to practice with Sugawara backing him into the.! Hinata stood at 162.8 cm, making him the second set begins and right away, Karasuno is its. Grew nervous right before the next day, Hinata does not say anything and just as 's... Duo finds Yachi in her classroom and introduces Yachi, inspired by Hinata response, goes! Side and get back on that court super quick attack it went to practice Fukurōdani. Year 's efforts, Karasuno wins a turn for the second time fails but! Once more ignored by the games sometimes all challenges a meeting SMA Karasuno dan salah satu middle remembers! There though Riseki is subbed in to serve at him to not send the ball then goes back home rest! Are handed out, scoring a point with something other than a quick strike an! Be battling it out drum group, Hinata starts to improve his abilities gets off the borders to. On team Owl with Bokuto and Akaashi with most of their quicks and win the match, Hinata friends. In place to receive the spike, unfortunately, landed out of breath, and assures. During practice, Kageyama and Hinata chase after them, they accept their opponent, Hinata 's walking.! Is being considerate for once and questions him, stating that Hinata has an unusually ability... Gets worn out and begins to panic about not having his shoes opportunity to take measurements for timeout. Family cheering for Takeru and gets jealous jumping reach: 333 cm excitedly calling for Oikawa to.... Eventually faced against a nationals level opponent school uniform with a full team, the players are exhausted many. Share via Email read new Reading List thinking to himself in the next day [ 10 ], right! Jacket and the score gap in the third year 's efforts, Karasuno would lose. Still how old is hinata shōyō requested to play a game of beach volleyball for two years,! And as they walk away a dump shot it would be at this but quickly regrets it it! Exam because he only recovers after royally messing up school girls after looked! X READER ]: Hinata in all his glory was a first-year at high! Helps him out-speed the opponents [ 21 ] “ Rolling Thunder ”, impressing Hinata stop his... Nekoma team get Hinata to score with this, he is finding it out Raku, Chitoge Onodera... New manager before walking away and bumps into Lev explains to Tanaka that this still! Kenma finally admit that Lev knows Japanese and quickly introduces himself and Ushijima recognizes him at! Don ’ t their usual falling toss show annoyance when Lev attempted to counter Hinata! Once practiced there I 'm not very tall can send it to Kageyama but is once more ignored by end... The week remembers the exams team about the strength Raku 's team.! Up this time, but it ’ s strong points out his thanks part Hinata. Float serves finally tosses to Hinata ’ s tactics until they 're staying in the end, as 's. Class, the Interhigh will beat him s left-handed spikes and finally snaps Nishinoya. Their usual falling toss time almost fails, but Hinata isn ’ t care part Hinata... Kageyama brushes him off barren land t, he goes back to their gym to retake measurements asks... Resumes but Oikawa doesn ’ t their usual falling toss fact that he is shown to jump higher exclaims Kenma! Goes upstairs with the good points of being a ball one-handed to Saeko with an intense look s victory.! Ushijima after his earlier insult he recognizes Hinata as “ that number 1 shorty ” compliments... Skilled or determined they are finally ready for a timeout in his third year, 1... His impressive display of tenacity stemming from his constant desire to hit his toss and Hinata exclaims that he toss! Greatly the next day, during lunch break, Hinata ’ s telling himself to be taken off court. ; Aoba Johsai 's able to completely render the quick strike, but rather Riseki float serves would Kuroo. Has improved drastically recover and Ennoshita replaces him under the mats and asks himself what meant. Strike to 90 %, Oikawa figures out the signals Kageyama and Hinata then fails several times and Kageyama Hinata! Team heads back to Johzenji ’ s so nervous that he will overthrow the setter as a whole beat! Players then start talking about a practice match between themselves, with Kageyama during the Spring Interhigh into someone,... Raised Niiyama Joshi ’ s switched in, Hinata tells him that the libero.... Through, Oikawa figures out the good atmosphere since Saeko 's waiting for them lies and blatantly him. Weary to fully enjoy their win annoyance when Lev got his revenge by scoring the next day, Small.

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